Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card: Maximizing your financial benefits

Balance Transfer Discover it® Credit Card is a formidable instrument that you may use if you are facing difficulties while managing your credit card debt. This card comes with a favorable APR during its period of promotion, making it possible to consolidate various accounts and consequently reduce the burden of interest payments. 

This card also comes with two other benefits: “no annual fee” and “significant cash back rewards,” so this card is a good buy for U.S. residents looking to get a “good deal” on their credit card and consolidate your debt.



The ultimate key benefits

The Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card offers several key benefits:

Introductory APR: 

  • With an intro APR of 0% for 15 months on balance transfers and purchases, you can minimize the interest charge while consolidating debts.After the initial promotional balance transfer APR period ends, any remaining balance on the credit card will be subject to the standard variable purchase APR.

No annual fee: 

  • Being an in cost saving plan you don’t have to pay an annual fee which in turn makes it a good card for day-to-day transactions.

Cash back rewards: 

  • Earn on every single purchase using cashback offered with no  price restrictions, whit flexibility to redeem your cashback rewards at any amount, whenever you like. Plus, Discover goes the extra mile by matching all the cashback rewards you’ve earned at the end of your first year.

Friendly customer service: 

  • Allow yourself to get the most out of Discover’s good customer service, which you can rely on any time a problem or question arises. Our 100% U.S. Based Customer Service ensures that you can speak to a real person anytime you need assistance. Additionally, our customized alerts keep you informed about your account activity and more, allowing you to stay in control.


To apply for the Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Aged 18 at minimum;
  • Having your Social Security number is a valid reason;
  • Smart financial decisions will lead to a positive credit history;
  • Besides providing the evidence that this account is owned by a real person based in the United States.

About Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services is known to be a top player in the digital banking and payment services industry. The company has been a pacesetter since its founding in 1985. 


The company has almost 40 years of operation and is known for its customer-oriented attitude and the development of the widest product application range in its financial operations. 

Discover provides a collection of credit cards, like the Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card that is aimed to ensure customers with the right financial tool and ultimate goals are met. Learn More.


Who is this card for?

Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card is an excellent tool for those searching to reduce their credit card debt and to make its repayment easier. 

The applicants fall under this category of people who seek a low APR on balance transfer and purchase in the initial intro period. The card is also perfect for those who consider savings in their routine purchases.

How to apply for the card?

  • Go to the Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card site for more information and ideas.
  • Click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Enter your personal information including your name, address, and Social Security numbers into the application form.
  • Apply as it is for review.
  • With that approved, you will get your Discover it® balance transfer credit card via mail.

Also check out the Discover Mobile App.

Positives and negatives of the card


  • 0.0% intro APR for 15 months for balance transfers and purchases;
  • No annual fee;
  • Earning cash back from purchases made;
  • Ability to periodically make large payments on a monthly credit card bill.


  • Existing headlines currently at 17.24% for purchases, up to 28.24% after the introductory period;
  • A balance transfer fee of 3% of the amount sent until June 10, 2024, and the balance transfers made thereafter will be at a max of 5% fee.

How to unlock the card?

To unlock your Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Discover account on the internet or through the Discover mobile app. By accessing your account, you will be able to check your balance, make transactions, or even pay bills.
  • Go to the “Account Management” menu or the “Manage Card” segment.
  • Tap “Unlock Card” on the menu to see the map of nearby locations that offer discounts.
  • Tap the ‘Sign In’ button below the screen to verify your identity followed by a successful approval of the account,

Fees and tariffs

Annual Fee: None

Balance Transfer Fee: 3% intro fee for June 10, 2023 summer transfers and 5% fee for coming financial summers.

Cash Advance Fee: Either ten dollars or five percent of the total amount of each cash advance, which is greater, will be deducted from your money.

Late Payment Fee: In the first instance without late installments, $ 0 will be charged, and from the second late payment on, they will have to pay a $ 41 fee.

Returned Payment Fee: Employment rate, up to $ 41.

Find out more about the card’s rates and fees here.

Customer service

  • Contact us;
  • Message an agent;
  • U.S. 1-800-DISCOVER;
  • 1-800-347-2683 (English/Español);
  • 24 hours a day available;
  • Outside U.S. 1-224-888-7777 (English/Espanol).


Final words

Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card provides a just-perfect mix of attractive features for Americans. It includes an introductory APR with an interest rate, cashback rewards, and outstanding customer service.  It is a good pick for anyone in the US who has to maintain his or her finances with special caution.

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