Curve Black Card: discover the versatile card

The card that improves your financial life with flexible management and secure payments. Payment facilities, travel benefits, shopping rewards, total security and spending control mechanisms are all part of the Curve Black Card.  

  • Daily cashback: Enjoy rewards when you spend, earn up to 40% cashback. With the Premium subscription, available for the Black Card, enjoy more cashback with 1% cashback on three selected cards. 
  • Unlimited rules: Set rules to automate your spending and have more control, improving your financial management, there are no limits to the rules.
  • Add up to cards: Concentrate all your cards in one place for greater convenience. There are no limits on the number of cards you can add.
  • Transfer payments: Have the flexibility to exchange payments between cards up to 120 days after purchase.
  • Eliminate fees abroad: Fee-free ATM withdrawals abroad of up to £500 for 30 days. And fair exchange rates of up to £2,000 for 30 days rolling.
  • Total control: Track your spending and get a complete overview of your finances to make informed decisions.
  • Card refusal and anti-embarrassment mode: Avoid refusals and embarrassment with smart features.
  • Go back in time: Correct past payments up to 90 days after the transaction.


How Cashback works at Curve: Curve Cash doesn’t work like the paper stuff, but you can spend it like the real stuff through Curve. Earn cashback in Curve points or e-money, converting 1 point = £0.01 – used as real money in the Curve app. Cashback is obtained through promotional activities, 1% cashback, or rewards, varying between points and Curve Cash. If a refund is given in Curve Cash, it will always be given in e-money. Points can expire after 6 months, while e-money is protected and never expires.



Banks and financial institutions may have different requirements for applying for a card. In order to apply for curve cards, you will need to present certain documents to verify your identity. 

You will need to take two clear photos: of your valid government-issued ID and of your face. Scans, photocopies or screen shots showing the required documents are not accepted – that way we know they belong to you. If we need you to remove your photos or if something goes wrong, you can resend them directly from the Curve app level.

You can open a Curve account

  • If you are currently a resident of any of the EEA member states;
  • You have full legal capacity to enter into a contract; 
  • You are 18 years of age or older.

You cannot open a Curve account:

  • On behalf of someone else;
  • If you already have a Curve account; 
  • If there is any reason why Curve cannot grant you an account in accordance with the law that applies to us.

If you are a customer from the European Economic Area (EEA), you will need to provide an EEA Passport or a National Identity Card, we do not accept Driving Licences. Curve is only available to customers with valid residence in the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom, so the documents you upload must reflect your current residence.

About the bank

Curve is a financial company that connects your debit and credit cards into one, with exchange rates, rewards and insights into your accounts. Curve will issue a personal or corporate Curve Card. Curve is available to UK and EEA residents with a background in more than one company. One of Curve’s branches in Ireland, still Curve’s Thackeray DAC, can process data if it is based in the European Economic Areas as the registered merchant. Curve only supports Mastercard®, Visa, Diner and Discover debit and credit cards. Check out other Curve cards (MetalX).‎

Who is this card for

This premium plan can solve many problems for those who have to make daily payments on different cards and need to have total control of their spending. The Curve Card automates your payments with unlimited smart rules and no limit on the number of cards added, even making it possible to block them all together in the event of loss or theft. Curve unlocks financial freedom.

As well as guaranteeing security against fraud and payment security, Black rewards on purchases and can be used in foreign markets at favourable prices. 


Step by step to apply for the card

Go to the Curve website and choose the card you want. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code with your camera and download the Curve app. Present the necessary documentation and wait for approval.

It can be a physical and/or digital card. A digital card is a card where you can see your Curve card details only in the Curve app. The physical card can be requested without a delivery fee on the Black plan.

Note: There is no minimum subscription period for Curve X or Curve Black. You can downgrade at any time during the subscription and services will be charged and received until the end of the monthly subscription cycle. If you wish to cancel the subscription, you can do so, but you will not be refunded the pre-paid monthly subscription fee.

Positives and negatives of the Curve Black Card

The Curve Black Card provides a lot of benefits to its users. Those are:

  • It’s secure and can be blocked immediately;
  • Good limits and low fees for international spending;
  • More control over your spending;
  • Unlimited smart spending rules;
  • Movement of previous payments;
  • Works with Mastercard and Visa cards;
  • No limit for added cards;
  • No minimum subscription period;
  • Cashback programme.

But there are some disadvantages as well. Those are:

  • Only new customers can enjoy introductory offer;
  • Within the first 60 days the balance transfers must be made.

If you compare both of these, we can see it gives us more benefits.

Rates and fees

  • £9.99 mensais;
  • Fee: 2.5% – with Black it’s free up to £1,000 per 30-day period;
  • There is no fee for sending a physical card.

Contact Details

Phone: +370 800 50 500

Email: [email protected]



Curve cards stand out as excellent alternatives for balancing financial life, providing ease of account management.  The Curve Black card offers advantages in terms of purchases, benefits abroad, exclusive rewards and payment of previous invoices with reduced deadlines and affordable rates.

This virtual card is a convenient solution for those who need to make daily payments and is accessible to anyone, with security against fraud and ease of blocking, allowing worry-free payments.

Black, the premium plan, can solve many problems for those who have to make daily payments on different cards and need to have total control of their spending. Curve Black Card automates your payments with unlimited smart rules and no limit on the number of cards added, even making it possible to block all of them in the event of loss or theft.