With a number of features to improve their banking experience, the Monese Classic Card is a doorway to easy money management. This card, which prioritizes ease of use and accessibility, is a flexible partner for people looking for a simple and dependable way to manage their money. With its simple application procedures and international spending options, the Monese Classic Card serves a wide spectrum of consumers, giving them the ability to take charge of their financial destiny.



1. Global acceptance

Serving as a global bridge to financial freedom, the Monese Classic Card allows users to make and receive money from any location in the globe. This function is extremely helpful for people who travel abroad frequently, live abroad, or conduct foreign business. Users of the Monese Classic Card can access their cash and make transactions without being restricted by location, promoting a fully global and integrated financial experience.


2. No credit checks

During the application procedure, the Monese Classic Card does away with the requirement for credit checks—a break from conventional banking practices. For those who might have a poor credit history or have had trouble obtaining services from traditional banks, this is a game-changer. By taking down this obstacle, Monese promotes financial inclusion by offering a dependable banking service to a wider range of consumers, including those who are starting over financially or are restoring their credit.

3. Free contactless card

With its free contactless card, the Monese Classic Card embraces the payment technologies of the future. With contactless payments, users can enjoy the efficiency and convenience of completing a transaction with only a single tap. In addition to speed, this technology improves security by eliminating the necessity for handling physical cards, giving users piece of mind in a time when digital safety is crucial. The complimentary contactless card perfectly embodies Monese’s dedication to provide cutting-edge, approachable financial solutions.

4. Quick and easy application

In addition to being practical, applying for the Monese Classic Card showcases the brand’s dedication to minimalism. The simple application procedure reduces red tape and enables users to finish the onboarding process quickly. For individuals who prioritize efficiency in their financial transactions, the Monese Classic Card is an appealing choice due to its minimal documentation requirements and hassle-free application process. Because of its dedication to user-friendliness, Monese is positioned as a leader in the field of digital banking, where user-centric design is highly valued.



To apply for the Monese Classic Card, individuals need:

  • Valid identification (passport, national ID, or driving license);
  • Proof of address;
  • A compatible smartphone (Android or iOS) for account setup.

About Monese

A fintech startup called Monese is transforming traditional banking by offering cutting-edge, easily accessible financial services. Monese, which was founded with the goal of removing obstacles to banking, focuses on providing solutions for people who would have trouble doing business with traditional banks. Monese is a digital banking option that has quickly acquired popularity due to its commitment to diversity. Check out other Monese cards (Premium, Simple).

Who is this card for?

The Monese Classic Card is designed for:

  • Individuals with limited credit history;
  • Expatriates and migrants seeking accessible banking solutions;
  • Anyone looking for a hassle-free and quick banking experience.


Step by step to apply for the Monese Classic Card

  • Visit the official Monese website: Monese Classic Card.;
  • Download the Monese app on your Android or iOS device;
  • Follow the in-app instructions to complete your registration;
  • Provide the necessary identification and address verification documents;
  • Choose the Monese Classic Card option during the application process;
  • Receive your free contactless card by mail.

Positives and negatives


1. Financial inclusion

The Monese Classic Card champions financial inclusion by sidestepping traditional credit checks during the application process. 

2. Global accessibility

With its global acceptance, the Monese Classic Card is a reliable companion for individuals leading international lifestyles. 

3. Contactless convenience

The inclusion of a free contactless card aligns with modern payment preferences, providing users with a secure and efficient way to make transactions. 

4. Quick application process

The quick and easy application process is a standout positive feature of the Monese Classic Card. 


1. Foreign transaction fees

While the Monese Classic Card boasts global acceptance, users should be aware of potential foreign transaction fees. 

2. ATM withdrawal fees (outside free allowance)

While Monese provides a free monthly allowance for ATM withdrawals, exceeding this limit may incur additional fees.

3. Replacement card Ffees

In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged card, users may be subject to replacement card fees. 

How to Unlock the Card?

After receiving the Monese Classic Card, users can easily unlock it by following these steps:

  • Log in to the Monese app;
  • Navigate to the card section;
  • Activate the card by following the on-screen instructions.

Fees and Tariffs

While the Monese Classic Card boasts many benefits, users should be aware of potential fees, including:

  • Classic: 5.95 €/month.

Understanding these fees ensures users can make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals.

Customer Service

For assistance with the Monese Classic Card, users can reach out through various channels:


Using the Monese Classic Card to navigate the financial landscape offers customers a contemporary and convenient banking experience. Although it has many benefits, users can make the most of this digital banking solution by being aware of any potential costs and restrictions. Monese is a living example of financial inclusion since he keeps reinventing banking for people who want ease of use, accessibility, and worldwide connectedness.