Get your hands on your finances with An Post Money Flex Credit Card. From the name, you can tell that it’s a flexible card. Which brings flexibility in your life, purchasing and money. As this card supports you in managing financing, it is best for those who frequently do shopping and large purchases. Because of 0% interest on purchases in the first 9 months, it is one of Ireland’s best Credit cards. 

This card cares for you. How? Because it saves your money and never demands extra charges and fees. The 3 additional card options let your family shop whatever they want. As this card is accepted all over the world. So you don’t need another card, so you can shop abroad.



The Key Benefits of this Card

Elevate your everyday spending and save some amount too by getting An Post Money Flex Credit Card. There are some amazing privileges that this card is providing: 

  1. Zero Interest: Going shopping? Take An Post Flex card with you, because it doesn’t apply any interest on purchases for straight 9 months.
  2. Lowest Instalment plan: now you can buy whatever you want, renovating home or purchasing big appliances or going on a trip of €250 or more. Get a customised instalment plan for over 12 months at lowest rate. This offer is available for little merchant partnership. 
  3. Flexible fund transfers: do you want to transfer amounts from card to your account? No issue, you can transfer from €100 up to 95% of your credit limit for free. From the online app, you can transfer the amount whenever you need.
  4. Secure online Service: The security features for your card are unbelievable. You can have safe transactions both online and offline. The fraud protection and purchase protection policies will help you shop in a secure environment. 
  5. Fast Card tracking: Through credit card app, you can easily view the transaction and balance details. If anything happens, instantly freeze and unfreeze the card, you will also get alert about activities going on the card. 
  6. Worldwide Acceptance:  You will experience the ease of worldwide Acceptance of this card. Enjoy shopping both locally and internationally too. 
  7. No annual fee: Cardholders must not pay an annual fee, only 30 euros of Government Stamp duty.


To qualify you must: 

  1. Age: At least 18 years 
  2. Income: Higher monthly income means greater credit limit.  
  3. Residency: Must be a citizen of Ireland
  4. Documentation: Provide personal identity proof, like driving license, personal public service number (PPS) and passport.

About the An Post Money

An Post Money is part of main company An Post. Who has more than 900 Post Offices all around in Ireland. An Post Money provides the customers with financial services that includes investment, savings, loan, current account and credit cards. An Post is the trusted company, so the services provided by An Post Money are reliable and trustworthy. From offering ways to pay for purchases to track your amount or transfer it whenever you want. 


Who needs a Flex Credit Card?

Frequent shoppers or people who purchase more for work purposes, this card works best for them. Because it allows you to purchase without deducting interest for the whole first 9 months. Similarly, balance transfer can also be done without any fee charges. An Post Flex card is accepted globally. So if you travel abroad, this card will offer seamless transactions along with advanced security services. 


Step By Step To Apply For An Post Money Flex Credit Card

To apply for this card, firstly you have to check your eligibility then the application process starts. 

  1. Visit the Website: Visit the An Post website and open the Credit card option from the main menu.  
  2. Collect Documents: Collect essential documents like Passport, bills, and  income statements.
  3. Check Eligibility: Enter your monthly income, mortgage or rent amount, number of dependent people and relationship status. If you are eligible then a recommended credit limit will appear. Proceed towards application form. 
  4. Fill the Form: Provide personal information and income details.
  5. Attach Documents: Upload the required documents to proceed with the application. 
  6. Submit: Submit the form and wait for the response. 
  7. You will get the approval in minutes. You can also apply for the card by calling the An Post Service center. 

Positives and Negatives of An Post Flex Card

Find out more about the card like its positive and negative sides. 


  1. Not even a single penny is deducted in the name of interest when you purchase anything using a card in the first 9 months as a cardholder. You can even transfer funds throughout the year for free. 
  2. Great instalment plan that allows you to spread the high spending into the lowest instalment per month. 
  3. The app will let you know about activities going on the card. You can also freeze and unfreeze the card if needed. 


  1. No cashback rewards.
  2. Instalment plan is applied on limited merchants.
  3. Travel privileges or insurances are not applied on the card. 

How to unlock the Flex Credit Card?

The Credit card app makes everything easier for you. You can use the mobile app to activate the card. So when you get the card, open the mobile app and enter your PIN to activate the card. You will instantly get notification. Now you can use your card. 

Fees and charges

The annual fee charges are zero, you just have to pay Government stamp duty of €30. 

  1. Intro offer:  0% interest on purchases for nine months, just you have to make monthly payments on time. 
  2. Purchases Charges: APR for purchases is 15.7% or 22.9%, interest rate is 8.6% 
  3. Instalment charges: Annual percentage rate is 8.6% while interest rate is 8.3%

Customer Service

Your queries are welcomed by a dedicated team who is ready to assist you:

  • For Ireland: 0818 205 410
  • From abroad: 00 353 7195 94094


  • Toll free number: 1800 800 780