Allgo Mastercard Gift Card: your gift at the right time

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is an innovative financial tool tailored for managing your financial life based on an incentive initiative through a bonus gift. This card allows you to make purchases easily and conveniently with guaranteed security – however without the need to use a PIN. When gifting this card, this approach can be a game changer depending on the recipient’s financial situation, offering a more organized and straightforward way to deal with financial difficulties.


 The advantage of low maintenance costs

By opting for a gift card, the recipient is welcomed with a good opportunity for low maintenance costs. There is no cost to use the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card for the first 12 months after loading the card. After the first year, there is a charge of €3 per month on any unused balance – the fee pays the costs of providing and maintaining the card, and these costs include bank charges, payment processing fees, protection of card funds, anti-fraud measures, regulatory compliance, technology platform costs, customer service for cardholders, and company salaries and overhead.


 Comprеhеnsivе Bеnеfits of thе Tеsco Bank Balancе Transfеr Card

  • Worldwide use: Even though it is a gift card, it can be used anywhere in the world with the Mastercard brand – whether in digital or physical stores, including abroad, with the option of physical and digital format. After receipt, the balance is valid for five years.
  • Secure payments: The gift card offers advanced security measures and the latest technology when making purchases. With 3D technology, Allgo’s Mastercard even offers physical and digital card options, and has online resources for checking balances and viewing transactions.
  • Small Benefit Scheme:The gift card is certified by the Irish Revenue as a Small Benefit Scheme, with tax exemption up to 1,000 euros. The regime offers exemption under four basic rules: limit below 1,000 euros, and benefit granted up to twice a year, in addition to the amount cannot come from deduction from the employee’s salary. It is also not possible to convert the amount into cash and withdraw it.


With Allgo’s Reward Hub platform, companies can run ongoing employee reward programs and it’s fully approved, secure and legal:

  • Based on a set of criteria, companies award points every month to their Irish employees using Allgo’s Employee Recognition Platform.
  • Employees accumulate points throughout the year, but cannot spend them until between December and January
  • Once the spending date has been reached, employees can log on to the incentives website and redeem their points for gift vouchers or retail vouchers.
  • The program limits the value of points earned by each employee to €1,000, or restricts their spending to €1,000, with the balance paid through payroll, subject to the standard tax rate.



About Allgo

Allgo is an award-winning incentive company for engaging, motivating and rewarding people, especially employees, who achieve great results. The initiative is to provide expertise, technology and creativity to enable Irish companies to achieve strategic objectives through world-class incentives, rewards and promotions for their employees. From rewards to recognition, from service awards to sales incentives, from tax-free gift cards to tax-free points programs. Allgo is a 100% Irish company based in Dublin city center, Allgo has been developing innovative technology, service and rewards choice solutions since 2008.

The company, throughout its history, has designed and implemented bespoke programs using our in-house technology and extensive rewards network to provide services that deliver results, with Irish and global companies including: Irish Distillers, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Sogeti, Trend Micro, Glanbia, AIG, Volkswagen Group, Savills, Boston Scientific, Behavior and Attitudes.

 Who should consider the Alllgo Mastercard GIft Card?

This card is ideally suited to giving to people who:

  • Employers who want to reward their employees;
  • People who want extra income to improve their accounts;
  • Those who want a simple card with easy payment and guaranteed security;
  • Want to get away from bank credit card bills and need a helping hand;
  • Plan to use your gift card for purchases, with the advantage that there are no timeless charges and you can use the balance as you wish.  

Analysing thе positivеs and nеgativеs of thе card


  • A less bureaucratic way of giving gifts and bonuses to employees; 
  • Simple and safe to use, accepted in different physical and online stores;
  • Simplifies account management;
  • Low maintenance fees;
  • Long product shelf life.  


  • Low balance limit and limit on sending amounts reduced to twice a year;
  • Use only for purchases made with the card without the possibility of withdrawing cash;
  • Maintenance fees from the second year of using the card.


To find out more about your eligibility for the gift card, take a look:

Order online

Request a physical or digital gift card after uploading a spreadsheet of recipients with each order.

Security checks

All business customers need to pass regulatory security checks before an order can proceed.

Receiving and paying an invoice 

The invoice will contain the bank details for payment, which can be paid by bank transfer or debit or credit card. 

Order processing and dispatch

Standard orders are processed and ready for shipment within 4 working days of receiving payment of the invoice. For digital cards, delivery is made by e-mail to each recipient.


Mastercard gift cards must be registered and activated online by the card recipient, according to the instructions here.

Gift card charges

After 12 months, there will be a charge of €3 per month on any unused balance. This charge pays for the costs of supplying and maintaining the card. 

Replacement Card Charge: €20 per card.

Allgo Mastercard Gift Cards are valid for 5 years.


Customer Service: +353 1 563 4444/+44 121 212 1116/[email protected].

Concluding Thoughts

To conclude, the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card stands out as a strategic bonus tool and a card for reorganizing and managing the recipient’s financial life. It’s easy to use everywhere with the Mastercard flag, and it also has favorable maintenance fees and a useful validity period. However, as with any financial product, it is crucial to weigh up both the potential benefits and disadvantages to ensure that it aligns with your specific financial needs and objectives.