A financial tool called the Monese Premium Card is intended to revolutionize your banking experience. This card, which prioritizes accessibility and flexibility, comes with a number of features designed to meet the financial demands of the contemporary person. With the Monese Premium Card, you can expect a smooth and effective banking experience regardless of your travel habits or level of digital nomadism.



Learn about the several benefits that the Monese Premium Card offers:


Global currency spending

Accept the ease of making worry-free purchases in many currencies. Your travel companion, the Monese Premium Card makes foreign transactions easy. If you travel frequently and want to make international business trips or excursions, the card’s multi-currency capability makes sure your financial transactions run smoothly and economically.

Cashback rewards

With the alluring cashback benefits of the Monese Premium Card, you may enhance your regular spending. Add even more value to your financial activity by turning ordinary purchases into chances to make money. By rewarding you for the transactions you already do, the card improves your overall banking experience—whether it’s for shopping, eating, or other expenses.

Priority customer support

The Monese Premium Card’s priority support allows you to receive new and improved levels of customer care. Your questions and concerns come first, so they are handled quickly and effectively. When you have the assurance that you can get excellent customer service when you need it most, navigating the complexity of finance becomes easier.


Free and unlimited transactions

Bid farewell to transaction fees and experience a financial liberation. With the Monese Premium Card, you may spend as much as you want without worrying about incurring additional fees. This openness is consistent with Monese’s dedication to clarity and simplicity, giving you an easy-to-use and reasonably priced banking service. The lack of fees increases the card’s allure regardless of whether you’re performing domestic or foreign transactions and guarantees that you have control over your financial operations without incurring any unforeseen expenses.


To apply for the Monese Premium Card, individuals typically need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Valid identification documents (passport or national ID);
  • Proof of address;
  • Smartphone for the Monese app installation.

About Monese

Founded in 2015, Monese is a digital banking platform designed to make financial services more accessible to a worldwide clientele. Monese is an inclusive bank that serves people who might have trouble using regular financial services. The Monese Premium Card is among the financial solutions offered by the platform to give a convenient and user-friendly banking experience. Check out other Monese cards (Simple, Classic).


Who is this card for?

The Monese Premium Card is ideal for:

Frequent travelers

Travelers on a regular basis will find the Monese Premium Card ideal, as it was created with world travelers in mind. Its special characteristics, such as flexibility in currencies and global spending capabilities, enable customers to easily handle the complexities of international transactions.  

Digital nomads

Accept a banking option that flexibly fits the active and nomadic lifestyle of digital nomads. A versatile and easily accessible financial platform that changes to meet your ever-changing demands is provided by the Monese Premium Card. 

Individuals seeking transparency

The Monese Premium Card is a notable option for individuals that prioritize openness in their financial transactions. Savor the ease of fee-free transactions and put an end to concerns about unstated costs, which may frequently make money management more difficult. 

Step by step to apply for the Monese Premium Card

Applying for the Monese Premium Card is a straightforward process:

  • Download the Monese app from the official website;
  • Complete the registration process;
  • Submit the required identification and address verification documents;
  • Follow the in-app instructions to request and activate your Monese Premium Card.

Positives and Negatives


Global accessibility

The card provides seamless international spending capabilities.

Cashback rewards

Earn rewards on everyday purchases, enhancing the value of your spending.

Priority customer support

Benefit from prioritized customer support for efficient issue resolution.

Fee-Free Transactions

Enjoy free and unlimited transactions, promoting financial transparency.


Foreign exchange fees

While the card supports global spending, be aware of potential foreign exchange fees.

Mobile app dependency

As a digital-first solution, the card relies on the Monese app, requiring users to have a compatible smartphone.

How to unlock the card

To unlock your Monese Premium Card:

  • Log in to your Monese app;
  • Navigate to the card section;
  • Follow the provided instructions to activate the card.

Fees and tariffs

Understand the main costs associated with the Monese Premium Card:

  • Premium: €14.95/month

Customer service

For assistance with your Monese Premium Card, reach out through the following channels:


A flexible financial tool, the Monese Premium Card provides advantages designed for a contemporary, mobile lifestyle. It offers a strong alternative for people looking for an open and simple banking solution because of its cashback benefits and worldwide spending capabilities. But users need to be aware of possible costs, especially when exchanging currencies. Visit the official Monese website to start using a digital-age banking experience.