Thе Soldo Prepaid Credit Card is a bеacon of financial simplicity in a complеx crеdit markеt. This card is dеsignеd for individuals sееking a straightforward, low-cost crеdit solution, commonly known as a low-intеrеst ratе crеdit card. With its emphasis on “no interest, no debt, no overspending,” it needs to prioritize consistent, affordable, fluctuating borrowing costs. 


Adapted to everyday life

The Soldo Prepaid Credit Card is a symbol of financial simplicity in a complex credit market. This card is designed for companies and their employees looking for a simple and inexpensive credit solution, such as a low-cost credit card. With its emphasis on “no interest, no debt, no overspending,” is a practical choice for everyday business purchases, it offers financial flexibility and just the right amount of control. Soldo’s prepaid credit card controls the company’s money by defining personalised rules and limits for each card in just a few clicks to avoid overspending, without micromanaging each transaction.


Key benefits of the Soldo Prepaid Credit Card

  • Separate budgets, personalised limits and real-time visibility help prevent overspending. Through the web console and mobile app, you can see spending in real time, view balances, capture receipts and manage cards in the employee app.
  • Accounting integration – Automatic top-ups that bypass the use of prepaid cards. Plus the possibility of exporting transaction data to all major accounting software in two clicks. Connect expenses to Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Free and unlimited transactions – Soldo Mastercard cards have no fees for domestic transactions and the international exchange rate is fixed at just 1%. You can also choose the card’s currency when using it abroad.
  • No charge for deposits – It’s free to add funds, and the money is available to spend instantly. Allocate funds to cards when your team needs them.

Application Soldo

  • Eligibility Critеria: companies and employees who meet the requirements and documentation requested by the company.
  • Complete registration: You need to confirm your identity and address. Upload some documents with the Soldo.
  • Add funds: Top up your account to order your Soldo card. Receive it in 2 working days.
  • Start spending: Shop securely online or in-store with your contactless card.

 About Soldo

The Soldo provides additional expense management features that work alongside your business bank account, rather than replacing it. You can use your prepaid cards to separate staff expenses from your company’s core funds, as well as access powerful new features that aren’t available from bank providers, without the interest common to credit cards.

Soldo helps you combine secure company cards with a powerful business expense management platform. Soldo simplifies the way you manage budgets, expenses and reconciliation. It realises the bank transfer to add funds to your Company Wallet. Today, more than 30,000 companies trust Europe’s leading prepaid credit card alternative. 

The financial services provided to customers resident or having their registered office in an EEA country are provided by Soldo Financial Services Ireland DAC, a company incorporated in Ireland. Soldo Financial Services Ireland DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Ireland DAC, 33 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland. 



Who should choose this card?

The Soldo APR Prepaid Credit Card is suitable for companies that:

  • Want a simple and economical credit card solution;
  • Want to simplify financial processes involving employees;
  • Want to control their corporate spending without major sacrifices or extensive documentation;

In-depth analysis of the card’s pros and cons


  • Excellent Personalised Service: Soldo in itself is already a personalised service that caters for companies looking for financial solutions. 
  • No hidden fees: This card has no hidden fees for domestic transactions and our international exchange rate is low.
  • No annual fees: Users can benefit from zero annual fees, reducing the total cost of the card. 
  • No charge for deposits: Free to add funds, and the money is available to spend instantly. 
  • Accounting integration: Export transaction data to all major accounting software in two clicks.  
  • Dedicated support: In case of questions, Soldo’s support is available whenever the company or employee needs it. 


  • Specific for companies: This card is specifically designed for business expenses. 
  • Top-up: Card needs to be topped up. 

 How to request the card

Fill in your contact details so we can show you Soldo in action.

What can you expect?

  • A conversation to understand your business needs;
  • A walkthrough of the Soldo platform;
  • Plenty of time for follow-up questions;
  • No commitment or obligation.

Fееs and tariffs associatеd with thе card

Apply in minutes and choose your prepaid credit card plan, and your plans can be changed or cancelled at any time. Billing is monthly and you can flexibly add what you need on top of your monthly subscription. The prices below do not include VAT.

  •  Users and cards (Each user includes 1 card of any type)

Pro – 6 € per user per month

Premium – 10 € per user per month 

  • Additional card only (User or company card)

Pro – 5 euros per month

Premium – 5 euros per month

  • Recurring payments (Subscriptions and online adverts)

Pro -1 per card per month (plan includes 3 free cards)

Premium – €1 per card per month (plan includes 5 free cards)

  • Temporary virtual card for one-off purchases

Pro -0.50 € (plan includes 5 free cards per month)

Premium – 0.50 € (the plan includes 10 free cards per month)

  •  Fuel card

Pro -2 € per month

Premium – 2 € per month


The Soldo prepaid credit card is an excellent choice for companies looking for a simple, low-cost credit solution. It offers a unique combination of interest rates, real-time monitoring of accounts receivable, security of purchases and easy management of company finances. This card has the limitation of having a corporate profile, however, it helps to manage employees’ activities as a company and better manage expenses, which in turn makes the working environment more relaxed. Among the card’s bonuses are the absence of credit checks, hidden fees or fixed contracts, which can be cancelled at any time.