Explore a world of financial empowerment with the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card, designed to make your student life smoother. It’s not just a card, it’s a handy tool for handling money wisely throughout your academic journey.

Created with students in mind, this card isn’t just for buying things—it’s your key to developing good financial habits and building a strong credit history early on. It brings flexibility and convenience to your fingertips, ensuring that managing your money becomes effortless during your student years. Say hello to a smarter way of navigating the financial side of your academic adventure.



The Key Benefits of this Card

  1. No annual fee: You must not pay an annual fee, only €30 of the Government Stamp Duty.
  2. Up to €1000 credit limit: After applying and getting your card, Bank of Ireland gives you a €600 credit limit in the first year or second of your full-time studies and up to €1000 in third year or above.
  3. Credit Kick start: Use the card wisely to jumpstart your credit history early, paving the way for future opportunities like renting or getting loans.
  4. Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Whether you’re shopping online or in-person, enjoy the ease of making purchases with a reliable companion designed for the twists and turns of student life.
  5. Quick Approval: You can get an approval within only 24 hours and receive your card within 1 week.
  6. Exclusive benefits and experiences: If you’re a Bank of Ireland MasterCard customer, you can take advantage of exclusive offers, benefits and experiences in Ireland and can get access to MasterCard Priceless Cities when abroad.
  7. Introductory Offer: Get a 0% fixed interest on purchases for the first 6 months.
  8. Free travel insurance: You can travel anywhere and stay safe with this insurance provided by the Bank of Ireland.


To apply for the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card, ensure you meet these requirements:

  1. Student Status: Enrolled in a recognized educational institution on a full-time course or recently graduated.
  2. Age: Be over 18 years old
  3. Identification: Provide standard ID documents like a passport.
  4. Bank of Ireland customer: You need to be a customer of Bank of Ireland with a current student account or current graduate account in Bank of Ireland for at least 6 months.

About the Bank of Ireland

Committed to stability and reliability, it serves as a trusted financial partner, providing a solid foundation for individuals and businesses. With an extensive branch network and global presence, convenient access to financial services is ensured. Responsible banking practices and financial strength solidify its position as a cornerstone in Ireland’s financial sector, making it a reliable institution for those seeking financial excellence.

Who is this Student Credit Card for?

The Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card is perfect for:

  1. Higher Education Students: Tailored for those navigating the challenges of higher education.
  2. Age 18 and above: Geared towards individuals 18 and older.
  3. Building Credit: Great for those with limited credit history, offering a chance to establish positive credit early on.
  4. Financial Responsibility: Ideal for students aiming to cultivate responsible financial habits and smart budgeting.

Whether you’re a full-time student, this card empowers you with financial flexibility throughout your academic journey.


Step By Step To Apply For The Student Credit Card

Here’s a quick guide to applying for the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card:

  1. Check Eligibility: Make sure you meet requirements like being a student, 18 or older, and having necessary documents.
  2. Online Application: Visit the Bank’s website, go to the credit card section, and choose the Student Credit Card.
  3. Fill Form: Complete the online form with your details and submit any required documents.
  4. Review Terms: Take a moment to understand the terms and conditions, including fees.
  5. Submit: After reviewing, submit the application and await approval.

Once approved, you’ll have your Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card, ready to make your student journey smoother.

Positives and Negatives of the Card

Consider these factors to determine if the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card aligns with your financial preferences and habits.


  1. Tailored for Students: Specifically designed to meet the financial needs of students.
  2. Credit Building Opportunity: Offers a chance for students to establish a credit history.
  3. No annual fee: Bank of Ireland offers more freedom for their customers with no annual fees, they only must pay €30 of the Government Stamp Duty.
  4. Exclusives experiences and offers: Enjoy exclusive benefits, experiences and offers in Ireland and get access to MasterCard Priceless Cities when abroad.


  1. Limited Rewards:  Rewards and benefits may be less extensive compared to other cards.

How to unlock the Student Credit Card?

Activate your Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card with these quick steps:

  1. Online Account Setup:  Visit the bank’s website and create an online account if you haven’t already.
  2. Log In: Sign in to your account using the provided details.
  3. Find Activation Section: Locate the card activation section in your account settings.
  4. Enter Card Details: Input your card number and expiration date as requested.
  5. Verification: Complete any additional security steps, like entering a code sent to your phone or email.
  6. Follow Prompts: Follow on-screen instructions to finish activation, agreeing to terms if necessary.
  7. Confirmation: Wait for confirmation, either online or through email.
  8. Test Your Card: Ensure it’s activated by making a small purchase or checking your account balance.

Fees and tariffs

Know the costs tied to the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card:

  1. Interest Rates:  14.54% variable interest rate on purchases and typical APR of 20.2% variable, including €30 of annual Government Stamp Duty.
  2. Annual Fees: Check for yearly charges.
  3. Cash Advance Fees: 21.36% on cash advances

Customer Service

Need help with the Bank of Ireland Student Credit Card? You can find support here: