Who is Ashley Spinelli or Spinelli Recess?

Ashley Funicello Spinelli, better known by her last name Spinelli, is the tomboyish replacement ringleader of the Recess Gang in Recess. She goes by her surname since she does not want to be identified as an Ashley.

She is a strong, fierce tomboy who despises being addressed by her first name since it is linked with the school’s local snobs, the “Ashleys,” with whom she has nothing to do. She is defiant, obstinate, and usually resorts to threats when she is upset. She does, however, appear to have a soft side. She despises talking about her parents because they make her feel embarrassed.

She has artistic talent, and Her fiery and fearless personality has gotten on both Miss Finster’s good and bad side several times. T.J. is her closest friend. Spinelli’s mother reveals on Parent-Teacher Night that Spinelli has a crush on T.J.

Spinelli gets reluctant kids to talk during the gang’s excursions, usually by threatening or scaring them during interrogation. Because she prefers to be unflappable and strong-willed, a lot of Spinelli’s troubles arise when she is proven to have a vulnerability, as she prefers to be unflappable and strong-willed.

Spinelli is small and slender, and before Gus arrived, she was the shortest and second shortest in the main group. She appears to be a tomboy, with a tiny slim model, medium-length black hair, almond-shaped black eyes, full lips, and tanned skin. Her costume consists of an orange hat on her head and pigtails on either side tied together by a little red scrunchie.

She is dressed in an unzipped black leather motorcycle jacket over a short-sleeved red dress with a round neckline, brown-and-orange striped tights, and gray oversized black rubber biker boots with buckles.

Ashley Spinelli | Spinelli  Recess
Ashley Spinelli | Spinelli Recess

What is the full name of Ashley Spinelli?

Ashley Funicello Spinelli

What are some of Ashely’s other names?

Spinelli, Spinderella, Pooky, or Princess

What Year was Ashley Spinelli Born?


Ashley Spinelli’s Age?

Her age is between 9 – 10 years.

What are Ashley Spinelli’s Parents’ Names?

Robert (“Bob”), her father and Florence, her mother (“Flo”)

What are Ashley’s Grandparents’ Names?

Dave is the grandfather. Aggie is the grandmother.

Does She Have Siblings?

Yes, she has two older brothers, Vito and Joseph.

Who is Ashley Spinelli’s Principal Voice Artist?

Pamela Adlon

What is Ashley Spinelli’s Favorite Sport?





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