How Can You Use Asterisk * Symbol? Complete Guide

The asterisk * denotes a typographical sign. It got its name because it corresponds to a traditional depiction of a heraldic star. In computer programming, an asterisk * is commonly referred to as a star. Computer science often uses the asterisk to signify pointers, repetition, or multiplication as a wildcard character.

The asterisk was already utilized as a symbol in ice age cave art. There is also a two-thousand-year-old character called the asterisks, which Aristarchus of Samothrace employed when editing Homeric poetry to highlight duplicated lines. Origen has also used the asteriskos to indicate missing Hebrew lines in his Hexapla.

The asterisk’s Unicode is U+002A.

asterisk *
Asterisk *

How Can you use Asterisk *

The study of computers

Many computing and Internet apps display an asterisk or another character to signify that a password or other secret information has been input.

The asterisk is used in regular expressions in computer science to represent zero or more repetitions of a pattern. This is also known as the Kleene closure or Kleene star.

The asterisk is a multiplication symbol used by several programming languages and calculators. This also has various meanings in other languages.

The asterisk is used to dereference or define a pointer variable in the C, C++, and Go programming languages.

For example, inserting text between two asterisks renders it bold or italic in several markup programming languages. For example, *Goodbye * will frequently become “Goodbye” or “Goodbye.”

An asterisk can be used to indicate necessary fields in HTML online forms.


Use the asterisk * to identify those who have received a star rating.

For example, 5-star rating – 5*

In terms of texting

Asterisk is used in communications to rectify a misspelled word already submitted.

As an example, ood Bye


In terms of economics

When an asterisk appears after a letter denoting a variable such as a price, output, or employment, it means that the variable is at its optimal level (that which is achieved in a perfect market situation). For example, p* has reached its ideal level of p (price)


An asterisk * is placed before a phrase or word in language to indicate that it is not used or that there are no records of it being used. Depending on what is being addressed, this can be utilized in various ways.

For example, – Tell him / *Tell him

Sensory words

When it comes to reducing expletives, asterisks are frequently employed to substitute letters.

For example, if you wish to censor the word “Password,” you can use combinations such as P*****d or Pa*****d.

Sporting Events

In cricket, an asterisk (*) indicates that a batsman is not out, for example, – 99*.

How Can you use Asterisk *


In mathematics, the asterisk can be used in a variety of ways. The following is a list of some common applications. In all mathematics disciplines, the asterisk indicates a relationship between two quantities represented by the same letter – one with and one without the asterisk.


As a unary operator, signified by the prefix.

As a unary operator, written in the form of a subscript

In infix notation, as a binary operator.


The asterisk * is located to the left of the zero on a tone dialing telephone keypad.

They’re utilized to navigate menus in systems like voice mail and special menus.


Except for the dash, the asterisk is put after all other punctuation marks (for example, commas, colons, or periods) in English-language typography.

When there is only one footnote on the page, the asterisk indicates it. Multiple asterisks are used less frequently to signify various footnotes on a page.

When bold or italic text is not accessible, such as in SMS, asterisks can be used to denote *importance*, e.g., in texting. 


The sign* is used in musical notation when you need to lift the piano’s sustain pedal. The sign * is used in musical notation.

What are the Different Type of Asterisk * Marks

Standard Asterisk – *

Heavy asterisk – ✱

Small asterisk – ﹡

Arabic Five-Pointed Star – ٭

Low Asterisk – ⁎

Full-width asterisk – *

Open Center Asterisk – ✲

Sixteen-pointed asterisk – ✺

East Asian reference mark – ※

Four Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk – ✢

Four Balloon-Spoked Asterisk – ✣

Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk – ✻

Four Club-Spoked Asterisk – ✥


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