Investment is a challenging activity for those who are new to it. In Ireland, the emergence of the investment apps has provided even an easier opportunity to start investing. Whether you want to grow your savings, save for your retirement, or just learn more about the investing world, these apps will help you do it. Here are some of the best investment platforms available in Ireland:

1. Irish Life Smart Invest

Description: Irish Life is an Irish financial group, which provides a wide range of services such as pensions, investments, income and life protection, and health insurance. Their critical location in the Irish market and providing world-class services to them is what they are known for.

How does work: The money is invested in the Irish Life Assurance FlexInvest plan, which is managed by Irish investment managers. FlexInvest gives you access to 1 of 3 different types of Irish Life MAP funds to suit different levels of risk and for different levels of possible return – conservative, balanced and experienced.


Fees and tariffs: The fee structure is simple and transparent, being 1.25% per year. It also has an administration fee of 1.10% and an estimated average variable rate of 0.15%. Finally, a 1% government fee will be deducted from the amount invested. Returns are subject to a 41% exit tax.


Wide range of services: 

Irish Life has a wide range of financial products that suit several different needs and tastes.

Strong reputation: 

Irish Life has established a reputation for reliability and trust, as the preferred partner of many large companies in Ireland.




More expensive than some other platforms.

2. Revolut

Description: Revolut provides a very convenient platform and allows you to invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and more. It offers an accessible medium through which users can easily control their investments.

Features: With the Revolut App, when investing in shares, cryptocurrencies or other investments, you can get personalized alerts, company performance information and up-to-date market news.

It is important to note that investment services are provided by Revolut Securities Europe UAB, which does not provide investment advice and, as an individual investor, you must make your own decisions or seek independent professional advice.

Prices, fees and charges: The Revolut app is free to download, however, there are charges for some transactions, such as buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Revolut has 0% commission rates however other fees may apply depending on the type of service and plan chosen. This is because there is a quota for each type of plan, being:

  • Pattern: 1 trade;
  • More: 3 negotiations;
  • Premium: 5 trades;
  • Metal and Ultra: 10 trades.

Therefore, negotiations outside the monthly allowance are subject to commission. If you are a Standard, Plus or Premium user, the fee will be 0.25% of the order value, or 0.12% of the order value if you are an Ultra customer, or a minimum fee of £1. Find out more details about transfer, exchange and regulatory rates here.


Easy to use: 

Revoult is very friendly and user-friendly to invest in and easy to navigate.

Low fees: 

The investment services of Revolut offer competitive fees, enabling the users to invest without high costs.

Variety of investment options: 

Revolut gives an opportunity to trade a great number of various instruments, like stocks, crypto, and others.


Limited research tools: 

The investment platform of Revolut might not have as sophisticated research instruments as other platforms do which makes users’ study ineffectual.

3. Moneycube

Description: Moneycube is a virtual e-investment platform developed also to help individuals institutionally design their investment portfolios. It stamps a broad spectrum of investment choices, including the following: stocks, bonds, and ETFs which are suitable for a newcomer and an expert.

How does  work: MoneyClube takes an intelligent advisory approach to help you visualize your investment. When you choose to invest with this app, a qualified financial advisor analyzes your account and prepares a personalized report called a Suitability Statement, which explains the reasons why Moneycube considers that a particular investment plan is suitable for you.

Fees and fees: Coming to Moneycube, you will be able to decide the way you will pay for the service, depending on the financial instruments selected by you.

At Moneyclube, your investment account fee has two elements: consultancy and service fee; Fund manager fee and trading costs. Typically these fees are 1% and 1.5% per annum all-in for financial advice, fund management and platform/trading costs. Access here and find out more details about these values.


Range of Investment Options: 

Moneycube provides a broad spectrum of investment choices so that everyone has such suitable investment portfolio as regards the financial targets and the risk.

Personalized Advice: 

The platform offers a personalized advice guideline to its users and instructs them how to invest their money taking into account the idiosyncrasies of their financial conditions.

Portfolio Tracking

The platform presents the tools to monitor the performance of the funds and the portfolio, allowing for comfortable supervision. Such instruments are essential for the prudent management of the investment process.



Even though Moneycube has a wide choice of investment possibilities, it can be more expensive for platforms for the fee they charge for investment.

4. eToro

Description: eToro is a one-of-its-kind social trading platform that was started in Israel in 2007. It stands at the top of Ireland’s market and over 140 other countries with over 11 million customers being its global user base. Irish people, who wish to use eToro, will be customers of the eToro (Europe) network, but it will be regulated by CySEC of Cyprus as a securities and exchanges commission. 

Diversify your portfolio: With this application you can invest in a variety of asset classes – including 20 global stock exchanges and more than 70 cryptocurrencies – while managing all your holdings in one place. The downside is that the platform only operates in USD, which means you will be charged currency conversion fees on deposit and withdrawal.

  • The eToro app is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.


Social trading: 

eToro grants access to a social trading platform which is a recent trend that allows people to communicate and copy other traders’ trades as well.


eToro (Europe) is regulated by CySEC, so users have some level of confidence in their dealer.

Variety of financial instruments: 

eToro gives access to a full assortment of financial assets including, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and so forth. Therefore, investors can invest in the sector they are best conversant with.


Limited customer support options: 

Some customers have brought up their problem with the fact that they could not receive an answer from the e-Toro customer support for a long time and also they frequently could not reach support representatives.


eToro offers a free account option with no management fees.

Final Words

These applications not only ease the excitement but also guide people in Ireland to become professional investors. The use of these apps is beneficial if you are a novice or an expert in investing because it can help you become financially secure. Wait no more! Look up and install one or more of these apps and you are already on the way to becoming an investor today.