Can Skunks Climb? Latest Discovery 

The short answer to can skunks climb is Yes; they can climb. But can they climb on all surfaces? Are they good climbers? Let’s dig deep and find out.

Skunks, unlike many other mammals, are not particularly good climbers. In certain circumstances, they can climb over fences and other basic hurdles. However, unlike raccoons, they will not be easily able to scale your defenses and enter your property.

Can Skunks Climb
Can Skunks Climb

Skunks can climb because it is a necessary skill for survival in the wild. However, not all skunks are capable of climbing.

Some skunks can climb better than others. There are several type of species of skunk in the United States and Canada, but they may be distinguished by two unique characteristics: those with spots and those with stripes. Spotted Skunks may climb higher than Stripped Skunks.

Skunks are mammals in the Mephitidae family. They are well-known for their capacity to spray a strong, unpleasant-smelling liquid from their rear glands. Skunks come in various colors, including black and white, brown, cream, and ginger.

Skunk Types Which are Good Climbers 

• Spotted Pygmy Skunk

• Spotted Eastern Skunk

• Spotted Western Skunk

Why Do Skunks Climb

They climb mostly to seek food, but they will climb if they believe they may be attacked by a predator or find a cozy location to relax.

Why Do Skunks Climb

Can Skunks Climb Houses?

Yes, both spotted and striped skunks can get into houses. Striped skunks, however, are unable to enter residences with high walls. Spotted skunks, on the other hand, can easily infiltrate a home.

A skunk can enter your property by trees and fences rather than immediately climbing a wall.

Can Skunks Climb onto a Roof

A spotted skunk is strong enough to climb up a tree and onto your roof. Skunks’ long nails do not allow them to climb up on roofs, although there is always the risk that they can.

Can Skunks Climb into Attics?

A striped skunk will not be able to build a den in your attic or chimney. This is far too high for them to climb. On the other hand, a spotted skunk can easily crawl into an attic.

Can Skunks Climb into Brick Walls

Yes, they can. Most skunks can climb walls up to 6 feet tall. The spotted skunk is an outstanding fence climber, although other skunk species struggle to climb them.

Can Skunks Climb into Brick Walls

Can Skunks Climb Stairs?

Yes, they do. Due to their tiny legs, depending on the height of the steps, climbing the stairs becomes more of a hope than a climb.

Skunks can climb and do it very well. They frequently climb and move around on high land when they are in their natural habitats.

How Long Can a Skunk Jump

A skunk can jump a maximum of 3 to 4 feet only.  They can hop from one resting spot to the next.

How High Can a Skunk Climb

Striped skunks can barely climb two feet.

Spotted skunks can climb more than 6 feet. Spotted skunks have specialized claws, which allow them to climb long distances such as trees, infiltrate chimneys and attics, and climb high fences.

How High Can a Skunk Climb

14 Proven Tricks to Keep Skunks Away from Your Home

• Application of ammonia spray

• The use of naphthalene

• Repair any gaps surrounding your foundation.

• Rule out potential den sites.

• Make sure to keep garbage can lids properly fastened.

• For wooden fences, choose treated hardwood.

• Ensure to trim tree branches close to your home or run over your fence.

• Use concrete, wood, or sheet metal to fill any holes or gaps in the fence.

• Construct or install a fence taller than 6 feet.

• Apply mothballs

• Use sprinklers with motion sensors.

• Prepared hot pepper spray

• Empty food pots

• Use bright lighting.