Can Squirrels Swim? Truth Revealed

Can squirrels Swim? Yes, they can swim. Do they like swimming?  Perhaps not. Red squirrels and fox squirrels can swim by utilizing their tails as rudders. Flying squirrels are poor swimmers because their gliding webbing obstructs the water

Flying squirrels are poor swimmers because their gliding webbing obstructs the water.

Why do an animal who can swim well doesn’t prefer the swimming? Lets explore and find out about squirrels and their swimming ability.

Can Squirrels Swim
Can Squirrels Swim

Why Would a Squirrel Swim?

Squirrels will not swim unless it’s absolutely necessary. They will swim into the water if they discover food or if they fall into the water by accident from a tree. And squirrels will swim if it is the quickest path to their destination.

Why Would a Squirrel Swim

Are there Underwater Squirrels?

Gummy Squirrel (Psychropotes longicauda). Though it is known as a Gummy Squirrel, this sea creature belongs to the Psychropotidae family of sea cucumbers. It lives in the deep water, where the adult can be found on the seafloor.

This animal is brilliant yellow with a red underside and can grow 80-85 centimeters (32 -33 inches) long with its huge tail. The cucumber’s tail is carried aloft like a squirrels, but it could be used as a sail. Scientists believe it is used to catch the deep-sea current, allowing the Gummy squirrel to bounce along the seafloor in search of feeding grounds.

The Gummy squirrel ingests comparatively food-rich phytoplankton detritus that has sunk from the sunlight surface ocean five kilometers above using its 18 feeding palps.

Does Squirrel-Like Water?

The answer to the question “does squirrel-like water?” is both yes and no. Squirrels require a lot of water daily. A squirrel drinks water at least two to three times every day. But it doesn’t mean that they like swimming in the water.

Most squirrels (for example, flying squirrels) have a terrible time swimming underwater, which is quite inconvenient for them. And if it is not necessary, squirrels prefer to stay on dry ground.

How Far Can Squirrels Swim

A squirrel can swim between 1- 2 miles (1.6 -to 3.2 kilometers). Most squirrels can swim only a short distance. 

How Far Can Squirrels Swim

How Fast Can Squirrels Swim

A squirrel’s swimming speed ranges between 9 and 11 miles per hour (14.4 -17.7 kilometers)

Can Squirrels Drown?

Yes, squirrels can drown; they are poor swimmers, and when the water is strong, squirrels are at risk of drowning.

Many squirrels drown in swimming pools because they often need to cling to something and relax. On the other hand, swimming pool walls are mainly slippery, so squirrels can’t use them for rest, causing them to drown from weariness.


Can squirrels swim? Squirrels can swim, but only when absolutely required. Squirrels are land animals that prefer to stay on the land most of the time.