Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats? Yes or No

Your dog and cat are ready for a wash, and you’re wondering can you use dog shampoo on cats. The short answer is a big No; that’s because some shampoos are made specifically for dogs and contain harmful ingredients for cats.

The fundamental reason for this is that the pH levels of dog and cat skins are substantially different. A dog’s skin typically has a pH range of 5.5 to 7.2. Cats’ pH is even more alkaline than dogs’, ranging from 7.0 to 9.0.

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats
Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats

Aside from the pH value, the elements required to maintain dog skin/fur differ vastly from those required to maintain cat skin.

Using dog shampoo on cats will produce subtle modifications in the cat’s fur, which can have negative consequences. It will cause the cat’s skin to become dry, making grooming more difficult.

It may also attract parasites, which are uncommon in cats. As a result, it will make cleaning much more difficult and will serve no useful purpose.

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Kittens?

If it is bad for cats, it will be far worse for a kitten. So, no, you cannot use dog shampoo on kittens because of the ingredients in dog shampoo.

Is Cat and Dog Shampoo Different?

Cats differ from dogs biologically. The biggest difference between cat and dog shampoos is the composition – cat shampoos are designed for higher acidic skin pH levels. In contrast, dog grooming products frequently contain toxic substances for cats.

You may endanger your cat if you use dog shampoo with flea-fighting chemicals. Dog flea medicine contains permethrin, a chemical safe for dogs but harmful to cats.

Cat shampoo is more acidic than dog shampoo, but dog shampoo is likely closer to 7.5. At a glance there isn’t much of a difference, but it will significantly impact the coat’s sheen and smoothness.

Is Cat and Dog Shampoo Different

What Can I Wash My Cat With?

The cats groom themselves daily, and you will note that they will spend hours per day grooming themselves to ensure they are spotlessly clean.

Most cats require relatively little grooming from their owners and can clean themselves of filth, debris, mud, and matted fur.

Cat shampoo is the ideal choice for bathing your cat. They have been designed to match the oil production and pH balance of cats’ skin.

Baby shampoo can be used on cats. Baby shampoo is a far softer recipe than adult shampoo, making it safe for use on your cat’s sensitive skin. However, this should only be used on occasion.

Most dish soap is safe for cats, at least in the short term. They use mild detergents and do not have harmful cats.

Castile soap is manufactured using olive oil and is a safe and effective substitute for cat shampoo. Ensure that the castile soap is without any added ingredients.

What to Do If You Use Dog Shampoo on a Cat?

First, thoroughly rinse your cat to ensure that everything has been removed from your kitty. Next, look for any toxic elements in the shampoo bottle, particularly permethrin and essential oils.

If the shampoo does not contain them, it is unlikely that your cat will have a problem after using it once.

If you have doubts or notice a change in the cat’s behavior, take it to the vet immediately.

Is Baby Shampoo Safe for Cats?

While baby shampoo is gentler and less harsh than conventional human shampoo, it is still not designed for cats. Bathing your cat with baby shampoo will almost certainly upset his pH balance.

Even while a baby shampoo is usually fine for cats, there are always better options. Baby shampoo, after all, is intended for babies, not cats. It is ok to use occasionally, but cat shampoos are a better alternative because they are specifically designed for cats.

can you use dog shampoo on humans

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Humans?

Can you use dog shampoo on cats? If it is a no, similarly, dog shampoo should not be used on human skin as well. Insecticides are used in the manufacturing of pet shampoos. After all, chemicals destroy pests for a reason. A scary amount of chemicals can be absorbed through the skin.

Dog shampoo has a different pH level than human skin, which is around the pH that is hazardous to human skin.

But if you use dog shampoo accidently, there is no harm, wash it and make sure not to use it again

Can You Use Dog Shampoo On Cats – Conclusion

A cat’s skin and hair serve certain essential tasks in terms of health. They provide thermal protection, act as irritating barriers, and are indicators of the cat’s overall health. 

Since now, we know the answer to can you use dog shampoo on cats? Try to avoid using them as much as you can.


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