Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball? Latest Rule

Yes, this is the straightforward answer to the question, can you use your feet in volleyball?  You can kick or make contact with the ball with your feet. It has been observed that hitting the ball with your feet and body parts, including your leg, counts as a legitimate hit.

Kicking is entirely acceptable in volleyball; you may utilize any part of your body to play the ball. It doesn’t matter if it’s an arm, foot, upper body, or head, as long as you only make contact with the ball once.

Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball
Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball

Previously, if the ball struck a body part below the waist, it was ruled out of play, and the opposing team was awarded a point.

A rule adjustment allows any body part to contact the ball.

As a result, the ball can be struck by a player’s foot and remain in play.

The rule also affects the double contact rule, allowing for simultaneous ball contact with the foot and hand on a team’s initial contact.

What is Volleyball?

In December 1895, William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director in Massachusetts (United States), invented Mintonette, a term taken from the game of badminton, as a diversion to be played (ideally) indoors and by any number of participants.

The game borrowed elements from various sports such as baseball, tennis, and handball. Basketball, another indoor activity that had been invented just ten miles away in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, was gaining popularity in the area.

Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of six players divided by a net. Under regulated regulations, each team attempts to score points by grounding a ball on the opposing team’s court.

For senior YMCA members, it is more complex than basketball while requiring some muscular effort.

What is Volleyball

Canada is the first country outside the USA to adopt volleyball in 1900. FIVB (The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball ) was established in 1947, and the inaugural World Championships were contested in 1949 for men and 1952 for women.

A volleyball court measures 9 m 18 m (29.5 ft 59.1 ft), and it is divided into equal square halves by a one-meter-wide net (39.4 in).

The top of the net for men’s competition is 2.43 m (7 ft 11+1116 in) above the center of the court and 2.24 m (7 ft 4+316 in) for women’s competition, with variations for veterans and junior competitions.

Indoor volleyball courts require a minimum height clearance of 7 m (23.0 ft), while clearance of 8 m (26.2 ft) is ideal.

The “attack line” is a line 3 m (9.8 ft) from and parallel to the net. The court is divided into “back row” and “front row” regions by this “3 meter” (or “10-foot”) line (also back court and front court). These are separated into three parts each, which are numbered as follows, beginning with the area “1,” which will be the position of the serving player.

How Many Times Can We Use Feet in Volleyball?

The maximum number of times is three. You get three touches when the ball arrives at your side of the net in volleyball. Teams can only hit the volleyball three times (in addition to blocking) when returning the ball.

A player might break the plane on a spike and a block if they do not interfere with the opponent’s return shot attempt.

A player must pass the ball to the other side of the court in three attempts, with no two consecutive touches by the same individual. We can also utilize our leg, but we must ensure it reaches the opponent’s court in a single effort.

How Many Times Can We Use Feet in Volleyball

What Hits Are Not Allowed in Volleyball?

• In regulation volleyball, you cannot catch or hold the ball. You cannot hit scoop shots with open palms beneath the ball to ensure that the ball is not held for a split second.

• It is not possible to bump the ball with different hands.

• You can’t even throw the volleyball.

• A double hit is an example of a unique situation. Double hits are permitted only on a team’s first contact, such as digging out a serve but are prohibited on subsequent hits.

Can You Use Your Feet in Beach Volleyball

Can You Use Your Feet in Beach Volleyball?

The answer is yes. You can play beach volleyball with your feet.

For the shot to be valid, there is no specified location on the foot that must be struck in beach volleyball. However, if the ball first makes contact with the outside of the foot, it is declared out-of-bounds.

If you hit the inside of your foot first, it is in-bounded, and you can continue playing. When serving or blocking balls, you are not required to wear shoes.

What Body Parts Can You Use in Volleyball

You can utilize any part of your body to block or hit a ball in volleyball.

Volleyball requires you to use almost every aspect of your body. Jumping requires strong legs (especially hamstrings and glutes). To help in serving, spiking, and blocking, you’ll also need to work on your shoulders, arms, and core. Lateral movement is essential, as is the ability to descend low and rise quickly.

Can You Use Your Feet in Volleyball – Conclusion

Can you use your feet in volleyball? The answer is a resounding yes. The official NCAA volleyball rules state that during hitting, the ball may contact any part of the body if it does not come to rest there. Since a rule change, this includes the foot.

The rule formerly only applied to hands and arms. A foot is considered an essential element of the body and can thus be used to hit the ball.