Who is Christopher Rich? All you Need to Know

Christopher Rich is a well-known American actor who has been on Boston Legal, Murphy Brown, and Reba.

From 1981 through 1985, Rich rose to prominence as Alexander “Sandy” Cory in the daytime drama Another World. He also appeared as Prince Eric Charming in the short-lived 1987-1988 sitcom The Charmings, alongside Caitlin O’Heaney, Judy Parfitt, and Paul Winfield.

From 1994 to 1995, Rich played Dr. Neil Beck on the TV show The George Carlin Show. From 1989 until 1997, he appeared as Miller Redfield in the Murphy Brown television series. Rich played Brock Hart in Reba’s television series from 2001 to 2007. From 2005 to 2008, he appeared as Attorney Melvin Palmer in the television series Boston Legal.

Rich has had recurrent roles in the TV series Melissa & Joey since 2010. He appeared in several films, including The Joy Luck Club, Critics and Other Freaks, and Seventh Veil. From 1982 to 1986, Christopher was married to co-star Nancy Frangione. He is married to Eva Jesionowska now.

What is Christopher Rich’s Full Name?

Christopher Rich Wilson

What is Christopher Rich’s Date of Birth?

September 16, 1953. Dallas Texas USA

What Tall is Chris Rich?

 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)

What is Christopher Rich’s Zodiac Sign?


Is Christopher Rich married?

Yes, from 1982 to 1996, he was married to Another World co-star Nancy Frangione. Currently he is married to his second wife, Eva Jesionowska, a Miss Poland 1985 finalist, and a gymnast who competed in the Moscow Summer Olympics in 1980.

Does Christopher Rich have Children?

Yes, he has twin daughters with Eva, Lily and Daisy Rich, and a daughter with Frangione, Mariel Rich.

What it is Christopher Rich’s Net worth?

It is estimated to be between 1.5M – 2.0M USD

Christopher Rich
Christopher Rich

What are the TV Series that Christopher Rich Acted?

1981–85 Another World        as        Sandy Cory

1985    The Recovery Room   as        Dr. Russell Sears

1987    Sweet Surrender        as        Vaughn Parker

1987–88 The Charmings        as        Eric Charming

1988    Smart Guys                 as        Ned

1989    Hound Town               as        Napoleon (voice only)

1989    Baywatch                    as        Derrick Benton

1989–97   Murphy Brown       as         Miller Redfield

1990    Empty Nest                  as        John

1990    Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again  as Archie Andrews

1990    Married People            as Ned

1991    In the Line of Duty as Scott Faul

1991    The Gambler Returns as Lute Cantrell

1992    Sibs                             as     Sean

1993    Almost Home               as    Jim Morgan

1993    Dream on                     as     Mark

1993    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.  as Doc McCoy

1994–95 The George Carlin Show  as Dr. Neil Beck

1995    The Nanny                   as        Kurt Jacobs

1995    The Client                   as        Dan Goodwin

1996    Renegade                   as        Ted Fisher

1996    Mr. & Mrs. Smith         as        Mr. Jones

1996    Hope and Gloria          as        Dr. Ben Shipley

1996    The Louie Show          as        Bob

1996–98 Nash Bridges             as        Agent David Katz

1997    Life… and Stuff’            as        Chuck Metcalf

1998    Suddenly Susan          as        Rep. Francis Shafer

1998    Alright Already           as        Lowell  

1998    The Tony Danza Show as       Kyle Wentworth

1999    Love Boat:                   as        Matt

1999    Sabrina the Teenage Witch     as   John

 2000   ER                               as        Ron Perth

 2000   Going Home                as        Jack

 2001   The Lone Gunmen      as        Jefferson

 2001–07   Reba               as        Brock Hart

 2004   Fatherhood                  as        Mr. Tremblay (voice only)

 2005–08 Boston Legal            as        Attorney Melvin Palmer

 2007   The Wedding Bells      as        Johnny Kad

 2009   CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  as Coach Jimmy Miller

 2009–10 Desperate Housewives  as Bruce

 2010–15 Melissa & Joey   as Russell Burke

 2011   Shake It Up                  as        Mayor Bartlett

 2011   My Freakin’ Family      as        Gary

 2012   Happily Divorced         as        Frank

 2012   Animal Practice           as        Jack Jackson

 2012   Rizzoli & Isles  Det. Rich as     Gibson

 2013   Holiday Road Trip        as        Roger

 2014   Swallow Your Bliss      as        Martin

What are the Movies that Christopher Rich Acted?

1989    Prisoners of Inertia      as        Dave

1991    Flight of the Intruder    as        Lt. Morgan ‘Morg’ McPherson

1993    The Joy Luck Club       as        Rich

1997    Critics and Other Freaks as     Sandy

2014    Rawdon’s Roof             as        Joe Bradley

2016    Light on Sunshine        as        Rocky

2016    Cassidy Way               as        Donald

2016     Light on Sunshine       as        Rocky (Short Movie)

2017    Anabolic Life                as        Dr. Williams

2017    Christmas Trap            as        Bob Gentry

2021    Spiked                          as        Dr. Matthews

2022    Land of the Free          as        Kirk Davis

What are the Movies / Tv Series that Christopher Rich Directed/ Produced?

 2003-2006 – 6 Episodes of Reba – Director

 2018 – The Christmas Trap – Co-Producer

 2014 – Swallow Your Bliss (TV Series) 1 episode – producer

 1991 – In the Line of Duty- Associate Producer