DKNY Meaning – Is It Donna Karan New York or Something Else

DKNY Meaning is Donna Karan, New York. But after Karan left the organization in 2015, What happened? is DKNY still stands for Donna Karan New York? Or not?

First, let’s look at DKNY’s history. 

Karan spent 15 years at Anne Klein as its chief designer for the last 10 years. The owner of Anne Klein, Takihyo LLC, offered Karan and her late husband Stephan Weiss the option to start their own fashion firm in 1984.

DKNY Meaning
DKNY Meaning

Then, in 1984, they introduced Seven Easy Pieces with Karan’s debut collection and transformed the way women dressed. A bodysuit, a fitted jacket, pants, blouse, skirt, a leather jacket, and an evening appearance are all part of this combination. Donna Karan’s mainstream label, Donna Karan New York, commonly known as Donna Karan Collection, debuted with the women’s collection Seven Easy Pieces in the fall of 1985.

Donna Karan created DKNY in 1989 as a younger, more affordable distribution line to operate alongside her existing Donna Karan New York label, inspired by her daughter Gaby.

DKNY Meaning in Present 

DKNY meaning originally was  Donna Karan New York. However, with Karan’s departure from DKNY in 2015, new DKNY creative directors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne were tasked with reinventing those secondary initials for the future.

They came up with a few names, such as “Don’t Knock New York,” “Dazed Kids New York,” and “Designers Know Nothing Yet.”

However, their names were unable to establish themselves as the original meaning Donna Karan New York.

DKNY Meaning in Present

Is DKNY a Brand Name?

Yes, it is. Donna Karan founded the DKNY brand name in 1989. The original DKNY meaning is Donna Karan New York.

Does Donna Karan Brand Still Exist?

No, the Donna Karan brand does not exist. In June 2015, LVMH, the firm that bought DKNY from Karan, suspended Donna Karan and declared that it would significantly boost its emphasis on her DKNY brand and business.

Donna Karan

Who Owns DKNY?

G-III Apparel Group currently owns it.

It was purchased in 2001 by the French company LVMH (Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy). In 2016, LVMH sold Donna Karan International, including the ‘Donna Karan’ and ‘DKNY’ brands, to G-III Apparel Group for $650 million.

G-III, located in New York City, is a garment and accessory manufacturer and distributor with owned, licensed, and private label brands.


Following Karan’s departure from DKNY in 2015, the new management and designers aspired to rebrand the DKNY name by giving it a new meaning. This has not been an effective marketing campaign. Still, for most Americans, DKNY meaning is Donna Karan New York.