Do Not Enter Road Sign The Complete Guide for DMV Test 

The Do Not Enter Road sign is a regulatory sign. A Do Not Enter sign is typically placed at the start of one-way streets and ramps, and it restricts vehicles from joining a one-way route if traffic is traveling in the other direction. There is a high risk of head on collision if drivers enter the specified traffic lane.

Do Not Enter Road Sign
Do Not Enter Road Sign

The Do Not Enter sign is a popular road sign that may appear on your written driver’s license test.

Do Not Enter traffic sign is frequently placed alongside a Wrong Way Sign.

One Way Road

Most of the time, you’ll see Do Not Enter signs at one-way lanes, on-ramps to highways, and frequently in tandem with this sign: the wrong way, which indicates that you’ll be confronting opposite traffic – typically at high speeds.

Wrong way

Locations Where You Find Do Not Enter Road Signs

One Way Roads

• Exit Ramps

• Divided Crossovers

Locations Where you Find Do Not Enter Road Signs

Difference Between Do Not Enter Road Sign and Do Not Enter Without Permission.

Do Not Enter Road Sign is to warn you that you will encounter opposing traffic. In other words, if you enter as opposed to this do not enter sign, you will be met with incoming traffic.

Do Not Enter Without Permission is a sign that warns you of trespassing. This is not a traffic sign.