How Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers? Everything You Need to Know.

If your automobile breaks down, a tow truck comes to your rescue and takes your vehicle a few kilometres or miles down the road so that you can repair it at a nearby service station. Many occupations in the United States demand that you give gratuities to those who assist you. Your waiter or hairdresser are among the most common examples. You’ll find many contrasting ideas about whether to tip a tow truck driver.

When you’re in a bind, a tow truck driver can come to your aid. Your tow truck driver will appreciate any gratuity, even if it isn’t as common as tipping your waiter, especially if they have gone above and above to deliver outstanding service. Do you tip tow truck drivers once you get the benefit? 

How Much Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

Tow truck drivers, on the other hand, will welcome a gratuity. There are so many differing views on this topic. Depending on the service and skill level required to accomplish the job, some people believe it is appropriate to tip the tow truck driver after they have helped you with your car.

If you can, and if the tow truck driver went out of their way to assist you, you should give the driver a gratuity. Towing your car, a long distance at night, finding you in a difficult area, having to get your car out of a difficult scenario, helping you on the side of a dangerous highway, or providing speedy assistance are all examples of situations in which a towing company might be called upon. If the tow truck driver does a terrific job of helping you with your automobile, you may want to give them a gratuity.

The tow truck driver may not be tipped if you get the service from your insurance company, for example. Tow truck drivers may not anticipate a tip after towing your car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them one. Your gratitude for their assistance might be expressed in the form of an additional gratuity for the tow truck driver.

Additionally, some tow truck drivers work on a commission basis, which means they receive a base rate and a commission for every tow call they complete. A gratuity is especially welcome in these situations.

Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers
Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers

What About Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance, such as AAA, follows many of the same guidelines as tow truck drivers. Tipping for roadside assistance isn’t always expected, but it’s always appreciated. Roadside assistance workers should be thanked if they assisted you in getting back on the road and you were satisfied with their service.

What is a Fair Tip for The Tow Truck Driver?

Tipping your tow truck driver or roadside assistance service provider is a common practice. Smaller jobs cost $5, while larger ones cost $10. A flat tire, a jump start, or a locksmith if you’ve locked yourself out of your automobile are all examples of smaller jobs. A tow or any other situation that makes the job more complex, such as your location or the weather, would be considered a more excellent job. What you choose to leave as a gratuity is entirely up to you.

In many cases, it is required that you give a gratuity to the person who supplied you with a service. However, this amount can change depending on the quality of the service. Amounts can vary according to your personal experience and the quantity of support you’re willing to provide.

Depending on the circumstances, you may choose to give more than $5 to a roadside assistance professional who arrived swiftly and courteously handled the task, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Towing an Automobile Has a Hefty Price Tag.

According to CostHelper, towing a car can cost anywhere from $35 to $100 for the base fee plus an additional $2.50 to $5 per mile. Several firms charge a flat rate for the first 5 to 7 miles. A tow for a truck or heavy-duty car can cost 20 to 25 percent more.

A specified distance or cost may be covered if you have towing and roadside assistance included in your auto insurance policy. For example, you may be insured for up to $100 in towing costs or up to 25 miles of towing distance. Your roadside assistance and towing coverage vary from one company to the next. The top insurance providers for roadside assistance can be found on our blog by reading our reviews.

Do You Tip AAA Battery Guy?

Towing is included in your AAA roadside assistance membership price, although the distance covered varies depending on the type of membership you have. Below, you’ll find a list of the benefits that come with membership. The cost of a AAA membership varies by state, as do the provided services.

AAA Classic members get a tow of up to 3 to 7 kilometres for free.

AAA Plus members have access to towing services for up to 100 miles.

AAA’s Premier membership includes towing for up to 500 miles.

When you require a towing service that extends outside the scope of your membership, you will be responsible for the additional costs.

The towing business receives all of the money you pay for a tow. The tow truck driver may get a bonus for their service to you, but this isn’t always the case. A tip for a tow truck driver goes directly to the driver, not to the company.

How Much Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers

Tow truck drivers aren’t used to receiving gratuities, so they’re surprised when it happens. For the most part, these workers are salaried and don’t rely on tips for their income.

Because of this, tips are a terrific method to show your appreciation for their hard work. In certain situations, tipping may make sense.

Tipping your driver in a severe rainstorm while you remain dry and comfortable in the vehicle is a good idea.

Tips are a terrific way to show your appreciation to your driver if they go above and beyond for you.

There is nothing worse than being stranded for an hour on the side of the road by a flat tire or an overheating motor. Make sure to thank your driver if they arrive on time and with a sense of urgency.

Informative and polite

Knowing what’s going on with your car can put your mind at ease, as it is a significant asset. As a passenger, it’s essential to appreciate your driver if they are doing everything to make your experience as good as possible.

Extra precautions must be taken

If you’ve invested a little more time or money into your vehicle, you want to make sure it’s in the hands of a professional. Tip your tow truck driver if they take additional care of your vehicle during the towing process.

What You Should Know

Since the tow truck driver who showed up was only doing their job, a tip isn’t necessary other than as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Tow truck drivers are in high demand because of their practical knowledge and labour-intensive job duties. They’re available at any time, in any weather, on any terrain. Tow truck drivers are always on call, no matter if you’re trapped in a ditch or caught in a deluge.

Put another way, the work they undertake can be dangerous at times. Roads are dangerous locations for anyone, let alone someone trying to fix an automobile. When working with the heavy machinery required for the operation, there is always the possibility of getting hit by oncoming traffic or suffering an injury.

Do You Tip Roadside Assistance or Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

It would be best if you always left a tip for the driver or roadside assistance, no matter how trivial the task may seem. As previously stated, if the driver had to travel a great distance from headquarters to help you, it would be a good idea to tip them for their efforts. For example, let’s say you ran your automobile off the road and ended up with it in a ditch. An experienced tow truck would be needed for this task.

When it comes to the more time-consuming jobs, tipping is welcomed. You may even give them a gratuity if you think they performed an excellent job under the conditions. In the worst-case scenario, they cannot accept tips. 


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