Does Cruise Control Save Gas? Latest Discovery

The first question that comes to mind as soon as you put your vehicle in cruise control is, “Does cruise control save gas?” Yes, it does; using cruise control will help you save gas.

However, it depends entirely on the road and how intelligent the cruise control system is.

On a flat, straight roads, the old cruise control system that just maintains a fixed speed is more gas efficient. However, it will waste more fuel on hilly roads than conventional driving.

Does Cruise Control Save Gas
Does Cruise Control Save Gas

On the other hand, modern cars have clever cruise control systems or driver assist systems that can recognize the landscape and change the throttle and gear to be as efficient as possible by using GPS and elevation data.

Does Cruise Control Consume More Fuel Than Pressing the Gas?

The general answer is no. However, a car that uses old cruise control technology in steep terrain may burn more fuel. Using cruise control on extended sections of relatively flat roadway will increase your fuel economy; however, on steep hills and twisted terrain, your fuel economy will be greatly reduced.

The more advanced adaptive cruise controls or pilot assist systems perform better by providing a more comprehensive range of speeds and lower fuel usage.

What is the Difference Between Adaptive Cruise Control and Regular Cruise Control?

Conventional cruise control can maintain a preset speed. This was a feature of older vehicle models.

Adaptive Cruise Control is the most advanced cruise control system used in modern vehicles. The system may alter the vehicle’s speed after computing various elements.

Does Adaptive Cruise Control Increase Fuel Efficiency?

It certainly does. However, this is mostly on flat roads. Adaptive Cruise Control will adjust the car’s speed based on changes in traffic speed detected by sensors on the front of the vehicle.

The adaptive cruise control is an improvement over the classic cruise control because it has more features and better inbuilt analytical software.

Does Adaptive Cruise Control Increase Fuel Efficiency

Does Cruise Control Save Gas on Hills?

Yes, it does; however, only advanced cruise control systems with driver assistance technologies will save gas on hills. On hills, the old one-dimensional cruise control system will not conserve gas; instead, it will burn more.

Modern cruise control systems will compute the minimum throttle required to climb the hilly terrain and give the necessary gas and gear ratio.

Does Cruise Control Save Gas on Highway?

Yes, by maintaining a constant speed, cruise control reduces fuel consumption more effectively than manually pressing and releasing the gas pedal, especially on long-distance highways.

Does Cruise Control Save Gas

Why Does Cruise Control Save Gas?

Cruise control incorporates an electronic system that employs wires and sensors to assist a vehicle in maintaining a regular speed. It essentially takes control of the throttle, removing the need for drivers to press the gas pedal.

Newer cruise control systems use terrain angles, GPS, and other data to calculate the best speed to maximize fuel efficiency.

A motorist can still increase and reduce speed using the accelerating and decelerating controls, while pressing the brake will switch off the system.