Get er Done Meaning and Story Explained.

The meaning of get er done is Get the Job Done. Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Lawrence Whitney), an American comedian, made the expression famous. But what Larry said was Git r done rather than get er done.

Get er done (Git r done) is a southern idiom that originated in the 1900s. In general usage, it means simply to “get the job done,” 

Get er Done

Git- R- Done the Book

Git-R-Done is Larry’s first book (his autobiography). The content in the book is defined as “Chock-Full of Straight Talk About America. . . And Some Jokes, too!”. Crown publishers published the book in 2005 under the category of humor.

Git- R- Done the Book

Get Er done The History

Get er done or got r done is an American southern peasant term used to encourage a coworker to accomplish a task on time.

In the last scene of the 1934 King Vidor Depression-era back-to-nature epic our daily bread. It was first used outside a farm field from the mouth of one of the field workers on an irrigation project, conveying the order to allow the reservoir water through the irrigation ditch.

Get Er done The History


Get er done / Git r done is a remark that encourages or motivates another person to complete, complete or finish something.


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