Grave Accent ( ` ) | Everything You Need to Know About Back Quote `

Grave accent, sometimes known as a back quotation (‘), is a diacritical mark that is employed to variable degrees in English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and many other Western European languages. In modern usage, it replaces an acute accent in the final syllable of a word when another word immediately follows that word. The Unicode code for grave accent ` is U+0060.

Where do You Find Grave Accent ( ` ) Symbol in the PC

The grave accent symbol is on your left of number 1 in the number row on a keyboard. To write a letter using an accent, you need to hold CTRL+` (Grave accent) and type the letter.

How do You Use Grave Accent ` in writing?

Vowels that are stressed

The grave accent denotes stressed vowels in Italian, Bulgarian, Croatian, and Maltese. A few words demonstrate how the phrase “grave accent” was utilized in various countries.

più (Italian for “more”/”plus”)

Note: In Italian, there are word pairings where one has an accent, and the other does not, resulting in distinct pronunciation and meaning. For example, papa without a grave accent means Pope while papà with a grave accent means father.


The grave accent first emerged in Ancient Greek polytonic orthography to indicate a lower pitch than the acute accent.

Ligurian – à (pronunciation [a])

пàра (pàra, steam, or vapor) in Bulgarian

Grave Accent `
Grave Accent `

Distinguishing between similar things

The grave accent separates both homophones and words that would otherwise be homographs in various languages, including Italian, French, and Norwegian.

For example, in French, à signifies towards or belonging to, whereas the word a means he/she/it has.

Tone of voice

The grave accent signifies a dropping tone in some tonal languages, such as Vietnamese.

Computer programming

For numerous jobs, programmers employ the grave accent symbol as a distinct character (not combined with any letter). It is known as a backtick or backquote in this context. These are commonly used in Java, MYSQL, F#, and other programming languages.


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