How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire? The Complete Guide

You can drive around 50 miles or 80 kilometers, not over 50 miles (80km) per hour on a spare tire. Let’s look at different types of spare tires and how long can you drive on a spare tire. 

There are two types of spare tires: space saver (donut) spare tires and full-size spare tires. A standard donut spare tire will only get you around 50 miles, while a full-size spare tire would get you about 50-70 miles.

Driving for extended miles on a spare tire may cause damage to other automotive components, such as the suspension and engine transmission.

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire
How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire

Can I Drive Using a Spare Tire for 2 Hours?

Technically yes, you can drive even more than 2 hours if you don’t exceed 50 miles (80 kilometers). But it is always advisable to go and repair your original tire from the nearest tire shop and use it to complete your remaining journey. 

Can I Drive 200 Miles on a Donut?

No, you cannot drive 200 miles on a space saver (donut) tire. The recommended distance is 50 miles (80 kilometers) only. If you exceed that distance, it can damage the vehicle’s suspension and transmission system.

Can You Drive on a Highway With a Spare Tire?

Yes, you can drive with a spare tire on certain highways, but since the maximum speed you can go on a space saver donut is 50 miles per hour, certain highways won’t allow you to enter with a spare tire.

Can You Drive 70 mph Using a Spare Tire?

No, you cannot drive 70 mph (112 km) on a spare tire. You should drive 50 miles or less due to safety reasons.

Is it Ok to Put a Donut on the Front Tire?

No, it is advisable not to put your spare tire on the front wheel. Many vehicles weigh more in the front due to the engine and gearbox being fixed there. But if you don’t have an option and the next tire shop is only a few miles away, you can put the spare tire in the front wheel.

If not, you need to remove a tire from the rear wheel, fix it to the front, and replace the rear tire with the spare donut. This inconvenience won’t be there if you use a full-size spare tire.

Is it Ok to Put a Donut on the Front Tire

What Happens if You Drive Too Long using a Spare Tire?

If you use a spare tire (especially the donut type) for too long, it can cause structural damage to the transmission, alignment, brakes, and even other components such as your steering system and suspensions.

What is a Full-Size Spare Tire?

These tires are the same size as standard running tires. You may have a full-size spare tire if you drive a truck or an SUV. While you should still replace this type of spare as soon as possible, it has a longer lifespan than a space-saver spare tire.

What is a Full-Size Spare Tire

What is a Run-Flat Tire?

Run-flat tires are designed to keep the pressure even after a puncture. Even after a puncture, they will remain inflated for at least 50 – 70 miles.


We hope you learned exactly how long can you drive on a spare tire and answer to few other related questions.