How Long Do Bears Live

On average, a bear in captivity will live for 30-40 years, and a bear living in the wild will live for around 22 – 25 years. 

There are 8 types of bears in the world, and the below chart will show how long do bears live. 

Bear TypeLife Span In WildLife Span In Captivity
Brown Bear ( Includes Grizzly Bear)20-3030-40
North American Black Bear20-2530-40
Asiastic Bears (Moon Bears)20-2525+
Sun Bears20-2525-30
Spectacled Bears (Andean Bears)20-2222-28
Polar Bears25-3030-35
Sloth Bears25-3030-40

The size of a bear can vary from 55 pounds up to 1000 pounds depending on its breed. Bears are mammals.

In North and South America, you can find three common varieties of Bears (Brown Bears, North American Black Bears & Polar Bears).

Apart from the American region, you can find bears in Europe and the Asian region as well.

polar bear

How Do Most Bears Die?

  • Starvation – When a bear gets old. They find it difficult to hunt or find food. Hence Starvation and lack of nutrition play a significant role in the life span of a bear.
  • Loss of Natural Habitat – Due to deforestation, bears keep losing their natural living space. With limited food supply and a lesser number of animals to hunt, bears gradually die. 
  • Hunting – Humans used to hunt bears as a sport. Though most countries have banned hunting bears, controlled legal bear hunting is still permitted. 
  • Injuries – Bears fight a lot, amongst themselves as well as with other animals. In the wild, if you get severe injuries and without proper medicine and care, the chance of survival will be less.

Which Bear Is Most Dangerous?

Grizzly Bear is the most dangerous bear, followed by Polar bears and Asiatic Bears.

Can Bears Sleep

Yes, they can, and they do. They have two types of sleeping patterns. Hibernation and regular sleep. If we look at normal sleep, a bear will sleep one or two hours at night and may take a nap during the day. 

Hibernation is a different process. Bears use to conserve energy during wintertime. During winter, when there is a lack of supply for food. During this hibernation time, bears do not eat or drink. It does not mean that they sleep 24 hours at a stretch, but they just shut themselves self-down and stay inside their dens.  

Bears can hibernate for up to 7 months in extremely cold conditions. They use the fat stored in their body as the energy supply source. 

What Do Bears Mostly Eat?

They frequently eat berries, grass, fish, insects, and birds. Bears is an omnivores animal. Omnivores mean an animal that feeds on both meat and vegetable substances.

Bears are massive and fears, and when you hear the name, you might get shivers. Not only pandas but all bears are lovable animals.

The overall population of bears is gradually declining due to massive urbanization and other human-related activities. So how long do bears live will be difficult to answer in the near future due to these uncertainties.