How Long Do Grapes Last – Full Story Explained

Grapes Stored in a fridge can last between 7- 14 Days, and at normal room temperature, they will stay good for around 2 – 5 days. If you freeze them, you can store them for up to 3 months or more.

How Long Do Grapes Last – General Storing Information

Suppose you want to prolong the edible time of your grapes. In that case, you should not wash the grapes, if you wash the grapes, moisture will absorb into the fruit, and it will go bad quickly regardless of you refrigerating it.

Make sure to store grapes away from cooked dishes since Grapes absorb odor quickly.

The ideal storage temperature of grapes is between 30 F – 32 F. Grapes should have proper ventilation. When packing, it is best to pack it in a perforated pack. If not, you need to fill them without tightening them, giving sufficient room for airflow. 

How Long Do Grapes Last – Storing Process In The Fridge 

  • Remove Bad / Brown Grapes – Always remove brownish-colored grapes from the stem and store only the fresh grapes. If you do not remove bad grapes, they will rot and will affect the entire bunch.
  • Store In The Front Section– Ensure to store the grapes in the front compartments, away from cooked dishes, onions, and tomatoes, grapes prone to capture odor quickly. The best place to store grapes is the high humidity crisper drawer of your fridge. 
  • Keep Grapes Away From Air Out Lets – Do not store grapes under air outlets in the refrigerator. Too much cold is not suitable for grapes and will make them dry. (Freezing is a different process)
Why Should You Eat Grapes

How Long Do Grapes Last – Freezing Process 

Though you should not wash grapes in regular storage, you need to wash grapes if you want to freeze. Then remove the grapes from the stem, place them on a plastic bag to seal correctly and freeze.

As an alternative option, you can wash the grapes thoroughly if you want to store them with stems. Then Place the grapes on a baking sheet coated with wax and freeze. Once frozen, you can place them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer.

Why Should You Eat Grapes? 

  • Protection From Cancer – Certain antioxidants and plant compounds found in grapes (mainly resveratrol) will prevent cancer cells from growing.

Studies have found grapes extracts have blocked human colon cancer cells and reduced their spread.

Certain studies have revealed that eating grapes will prevent breast cancer cells growth.

  • Reducing Blood Pressure Levels – Potassium is a known substance to lower blood pressure, and grapes are rich in potassium.
  • Good For Your Eye Health – Grapes help you to decrease retina deterioration. Resveratrol in grapes will help to reduce glaucoma and cataract.
  • Helps To Increase Your Memory Power – Certain global studies have found out that when you consume grapes consistently. It will help you to increase your memory. Not only the memory power the mood and the focus as well.
  • Reduces Cholesterol – Chemicals found in grapes are known to reduce fat absorption into your body. This will reduce the cholesterol level of your body.

The ability to fight against harmful cholesterol is more in red grapes compared to green grapes.

  • Helps to have healthy bones and blood clotting – Grape is an excellent source of vitamin K. The essential source to develop healthy bones and blood clotting.
  • Will Reduce Constipation – Grapes have good fiber content. Fiber-rich food will help you to reduce constipation by keeping bowel movements regularly. 
  • May Help To Reduce Allergies – Grapes have “quercetin,” a substance that helps to reduce anti-inflammatory effects.
  • May Help You To Sleep Better – Grapes have “melatonin,” a chemical that helps you to have a good sleep.

When you read through this article, you must have found out that grape is something more than just a delicious fruit. It has loads of health benefits as well.

So, storing them for a long time plays a vital role which will help you enjoy the product’s benefits for a longer time. So we hope that this article must have helped you to achieve that objective.