How Long Do Horses Live – Key Facts Explained

The average life span of a domestic horse is between 22 – 30 Years. With good care, some horses live for more than 30 years. Factors like physical activity, nutrition, dental health will play a vital role in determining the lifespan of a horse. The “Appaloosas & Arabian” horse breeds have the most extended lifespan compared to other horse breeds.

How Long Do Horses Live In The Wild?

Wild horses have a shorter life span than a domestic horse; on average, a wild horse will live between 15-20 years, a good 8 – 10 years less than a domestic horse. The main reason for this is wild horses do not get the proper nutrition and dental care.

Common Illnesses Which Affect Life Span Of Horses 

  • Horse Fever (Potomac Fever) – This is the most common horse fever. Horses will lose appetite, will have diarrhea, and will show abdominal-related issues (like colic). Potomac fever is fatal, and if not treated early, the horse can die. 
  • Equine Influenza – This is a respiratory-related disease. Which will show symptoms like severe fever & Coughing. This can develop into pneumonia if not treated, can be misdiagnosed as normal horse fever.
  • Colic – This happens due to colonic disturbance, which is gastrointestinal. Common symptoms are abdominal pain, refusing to eat, and fever. There are 15 different types of colic varieties that a horse can get. Colic is considered as the most common illness amongst horses. 
  • Ringworm –  Fungal infection on the skin, which commonly occurs around the neck and head. The most common symptoms are different shapes of lesions, dry skin, patches appearing on the skin.
  • Dental issues – Horses prone to get dental problems frequently. The most common issues are parrot mouth, tooth decay, and fractures. You can identify these issues when a horse refuses to eat or act aggressively than normal.
  • Laminitis – Affects the tissues on the pedal bone. If not treated, horse can have permanent damages.

How Can You Increase The Life Span Of Your Horse

  • Providing Necessary Nutrients – Horses require proper care and vitamins on time. If you want your horse to live its entire life, you need to provide the necessary care on time. It is similar to taking care of another animal, but horses require more supplements for a healthy life. 
  • Regular Medical Check-Ups Including Dental Care – There are more than 25 plus illnesses that a horse can get (we have mentioned few common ones above). As a practice, you should always do frequent checkups on your horse so that early diagnosis can prevent a series of illnesses. Horses get recurring dental issues; hence this is also an area which you need to focus more. 
  • Regular Associations – Horses are herd animals, and you need to let them associate with other horses and caretakers. This will increase their mental satisfaction.
  • Regular Exercises – You need to take Horses for a regular walk to prevent arthritis and laminitis. Horses have fragile cartilage structures, which is a mandatory requirement for a horse living in captivity.

How long do horses live will vary on various factors, and certain things are out of your control. But if you take good care of them, they can live their full quota of life. If you own one, we hope this article will help you to expand your knowledge and help you take care of your stallion better.

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