How Long Do Parrots Live

The average life span will vary from 5 – 60 years; how long do parrots live depend on their breed, type, and their captivity, and environment. Given below are the most common type of parrots and their anticipated life span.

Type of the ParrotLife Span (In Years)
Macaws30-60 ( Certain instances 60+)
African Grey50+
Love Birds10-15
Meyer’s Parrots25+
Red Fan Parrots15-30
Gouldian Finch5-7
Caiques Parrots30-50 (Certain instances 60 +)
Senegal Parrots20-30
Amazon Large Parrots50+ (Certain instances 60+)
Eclectus30-60 (Certain instances 60+)
How Long Do Parrots Live- life span chart

When you analyze the chart, it is noticeable that the bigger the parrot, the more lifespan it has, and the smaller the bird’s life span is shorter.

how long do parrots live as pets

How Long Do Parrots Live As Pets

This is an exciting topic do parrots live longer in captivity than live in natural habitats. Research shows that parrots do live more in captivity than in natural habitats.  That is around 15% – 20% more life expectancy than living in the wild. The main reason is they do not get exposed to predators, and they get good medical care and food supply since they are brought up as pets. Parrots living in the wild must face pollution. Due to consistent deforestation, they gradually lose their natural environment.A situation that a parrot living in a home or a zoo won’t face.