How Long Does a Pedicure Take ? Nail Specialist’s Opinion

A pedicure can take between 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the type of pedicure you choose. Hence, to have a rough idea about how long does a pedicure take, you can refer to the table below and choose the pedicure type you will have.

This list was compiled after consulting over 20 nail specialists who have been working in the industry for over 10 years.

What Is a Pedicure 

Pedicure is a cosmetic and therapeutic treatment done for toenails and feet, and it will help you remove the dead skin, increase blood circulation of the foot, and, most importantly, keep your toenails clean.

How Long Does a Pedicure Take Depending on The Type?

Pedicure TypeTime (Approximately)
Standard / Basic Pedicure30 – 45 Minutes
Mini Pedicure30 Minutes
Paraffin Pedicure45 – 70 Minutes
Fish Pedicure15-30 Minutes
French Pedicure90 Minutes
Water less ( Dry) Pedicure30-45 Minutes
Athletic Pedicure90 Minutes Plus
Hot Stone ( Warm) Pedicure60 – 90 Minutes
Salt Pedicure60 Minutes
Gel Pedicure 60 – 90 Minutes
Milk & Honey Pedicure40 Minutes
Children Pedicure20 – 30 Minutes
Chocolate Pedicure45- 60 Minutes
Floral Pedicure45 Minutes
Shanghai Pedicure ( Not available in all places)60 – 90 Minutes
Asian Massage Pedicure ( Not available in all places )60-90 Minutes
How long does a pedicure take – Treatment vs Time

Common Types of Pedicures 

Standard / Basic Pedicure – The nail technician will soak your feet, trim your nails, and clean your cuticles. Finally, they will apply a base coat and your preferred nail colour on top of it.

French PedicureMost common type of pedicure after the standard pedicure. The only difference is how the nail colour/polish is appliedYou can choose several designs, brighter colours and even mix and match each nail with unique designs.

Fish Pedicure – This pedicure is used as a therapy to increase the blood circulation of the foot, you are asked to put your feet inside a tank full of fish, and they will come and eat away the dry skin on your foot. This will help you to get a natural massage.

Paraffin Pedicure – Ideal to get rid of hard, dry skin. In this pedicure, the nail technician will cover your foot / or soak your feet in a paraffin wax mixed water. This will soften your feet. After cleaning the dry skin, you can get your toenails trimmed and get nail colour done.

Gel Pedicure – In this method, the nail technician will apply hard-coated nail polish on your toenails after a standard pedicure procedure. After the application, the nails are treated with UV light. The advantage of a Gel pedicure is that the toenail colour will last more than 3 – weeks without any discolouration.

Milk & Honey Pedicure – In this method, the nail technician will apply a coat of milk and massage your feet, then the technician will cover your feet with a mask soaked with natural honey. After this procedure, the process will continue as a basic pedicure.

Athletic Pedicure – This treatment involves extra-long foot massage and special foot scrubs to relax your toe muscles, followed by a basic pedicure procedure.

Hot Stone Pedicure – Special heat stones will be placed on your feet’ pressure points and let your foot get warm for 10 -15 minutes. Then, your feet are washed, and a special oil is applied and massaged. After this treatment, the normal basic pedicure procedure will follow

How Long Does a Pedicure Take

How Much Does a Pedicure Usually Cost?

A Pedicure will cost between 20 – 60 USD on average in the USA, and in UK, it will start from 15 pounds onwards. In Australia, Pedicure will start from 20 Australian Dollars. This will vary drastically depending on the beauty parlour. Certain high-end beauty parlours might charge you more than 100 USD for a French pedicure.

Why Should You Do Pedicure, The Advantages 

  • Improving nail health – Pedicure will help you keep your nails clean, thus improving your nails’ health by removing bacteria and infections.
  • Increase blood circulation – It improves the blood circulation of your feet.
  • Mental relaxation – A good pedicure will let you calm and relax

Are Pedicures Painful

When they remove dry skin from your feet, you might feel a ticklish feeling. It cannot be categorized as pain, but if your skin is very sensitive, you might feel pain, this is very rare, and the relaxation that you can get from a good pedicure will overweight this.

Are Pedicures Bad for Your Feet

In general terms, it is not, but there can be instances that pedicure will lead to foot infections and fungi development. Sometimes frequent pedicures can lead up to nail in growths.

How Often Should You Give Your Feet a Pedicure?

It would be best if you did not do pedicures frequently. Ideally, you should wait at least 6 weeks to do your next pedicure.

Do Pedicures Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

No, it won’t. Doing pedicures will worsen, so you should not do pedicures if you are suffering from this condition.

Pedicure is something that you should do, but you should not overdo it. I hope you got a clear idea about pedicures, their advantages/disadvantages, and how long does a pedicure take.


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