How Long Does It Take To Install A Pool

This can vary from 2 days up to 12 weeks, How long does it take to install a pool will depend on the type of pool a person requires. There are three common types of pool types of Concrete, Fiberglass & Vinyl, common for private usage.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pool

This is the easiest to install. You get ready-made fiberglass pools which you will have only to buy and install. The company that manufactures the pool will take care of the installation. They will excavate a hole in the desired location and place the ready-made pool of a help a crane. How easy within 48 hours, you will have your pool ready. Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and cost-effective. 

But the negative side of a fiberglass pool is that after 5 – 10 years of direct exposure to sunlight, the surface might peel off and is difficult to re-coat. You will not get the natural feeling of a swimming pool; you will feel that you have dipped yourself in a large plastic bucket.

Vinyl Pools

These are similar to fiberglass pools; the pool frame is made of metal into an excavated hole, and then a thick foam of vinyl is poured to form the pool shell. A vinyl pool will last for a longer time than a fiberglass pool, but the installation is not as easy as a fiberglass pool. To install a Vinyl pool, it will take at least 14 days minimum to install a vinyl pool. Vinyl pools will not easily crack like a concrete pool. By changing the liner of the vinyl surface, you can change the visual effect of the pool.

Vinyl pools are more susceptible to algae growth compared to fiberglass pools due to the vinyl surface. And like a fiberglass pool, the lifespan of a vinyl pool has its limitations.

Concrete (Gunite) Pools

This is the traditional type of pool that requires a minimum of 30 days up to 12 weeks to complete. For most concrete pools, you will have to take special permission or permits. In most projects designing stage itself will take at least a few weeks to complete. Concrete pools are manufactured using cement and sand using special waterproofing adhesives to stop water seepage. A concrete pool will last for decades, and it is easy to maintain. But the initial investment is significant.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Pool – Timeline

Type of the PoolDuration (In Days /Weeks)
Fiber Glass2 Days – 1 Week
Vinyl Liner2 – 3 Weeks
Concrete (Gunite) 4 – 12 Weeks ( Excluding approval and designing time )

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