How Long Does It Take To Install A Carpet

If you go with a professional carpet installation establishment, to install a carpet for a 1000 square feet space can be done within one day. This is including the floor preparation time.  But to carpet a staircase it needs additional effort. Usually to carpet, a Three-story staircase will take at least half a day.

The below graph will give you a rough idea of how long does it take to install carpet on certain parts of your household. These times are approximated and will significantly vary depending on the floor condition and the pre-preparation work.              

Room ( 100 square feet)1 Hour
Stair case5 minutes per stair
Hall area ( 500 square feet)Half a day
Dinning Room ( 300 square Feet)3 Hours
Kitchen (150 square feet)2 Hours
Bath room2 – 3 Hours

Carpeting needs professional involvement; there are instances where it can be done DIY. But we always recommend that you get the help of a professional carpeting company to avoid any disappointments. How long does it take to install carpet will also vary from the person who gets to install it as well. 

carpet on stairs

The exact duration which will take depends on the size of your project. Due to different requirements and types of carpet materials required, professional carpet suppliers will give the customer an approximate project completion time. Before providing this time frame, they will visit your home and look at the present condition of the floor and take exact measurements. Then they will give you the accurate costing, carpet material type, along with installation time frame.