How Old is God?  The Correct Answer

Have you ever wondered how old is God? God just does not have an age. The GOD existed before anything else. GOD has no beginning or end. Because he created everything. God is considered infinite. God must be exceedingly old. He is older than anything we could imagine.

God has been thought of as either personal or impersonal. Theism holds that God is both the creator and sustainer of the cosmos, whereas deism holds that God is both the universe’s creator and sustainer.

How Old is God
How Old is God

What is the Gender of the God?

Some religions define God without referring to gender (for example, Catholics), whilst others utilize gender-specific and gender-biased vocabulary.

What is the Gender of the God

How Tall is God?

God’s height has not been documented. As a result, the correct answer is not known or unconfirmed. However, different religions and preachers interpret gods’ height in the following ways.

Mormons think God is 6’2″ tall.

In the American Academy of Religion Journal, Professor Kirk MacGregor interprets God’s height as follows. According to the Bible, [God] measured out the heavens with a nine-inch spread. My span is around eight and three-quarter inches long. As a result, God’s span is a quarter inch longer than mine. As you can see… God stands around 6’2″,6’3″, weighs around a couple of hundred pounds, a little better.

How Tall is God

God and the Concept of the Creation

According to Jews and Christians, humans are formed in God’s image and are the crown, center, and key to God’s creation, stewards for God, and preeminent over everything else God has created. For this reason, humans are referred to as “Children of God” in Christianity. 

Muslims believe that the goal of life is to worship God. He is regarded as a personal God, and there are no intermediaries, such as clergy, through whom one can communicate with God. Prayer frequently includes pleading and requests for forgiveness.


It is clear that there is no correct answer to the question, “How old is God?” Nobody has ever seen God, and the concept of God varies from religion to religion. Each religion has its own name for its God, with some alluding to cultural conceptions about God’s identity and traits.


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