How to Convince Your Parents – 12 Proven Methods

Parents frequently believe that they know what is best for their children. As a result, their brains are instantly primed to scrutinize whenever their children ask for something. So how to convince your parents?  In order to convince your parents to allow you to do something, you must first make a compelling argument for the activity in question before contacting them and then inquire about it in a polite and calm tone, when they are relaxed and ready to listen. It’s simple to get that “yes” once you know the exact point to touch.

How to Convince Your Parents
How to Convince Your Parents

How to Convince Your Parents – The Steps to Take

1. First and foremost, do something kind for your parents.

Clean your kitchen in the morning, vacuum your house, assist your parents in cleaning their garden, assist your parents with groceries, and so on.

Please don’t be too blatant, or it won’t appear genuine, do something kind for them. There are various methods you can take to convince your parents. You can try another method or come up with another plan. What else can you do for your parents? Make your parents feel special by doing something special for them.

2. Choose the appropriate time

Do not approach them if they are in a rush or exhausted from work. You are the most familiar with your parents, so learn to read the room. If they seem to be in a good mood, this is the time to strike with your winning pitch.

Discuss what was happening with your life and inquire about their day. Simply talking to them demonstrates that you are truly interested in what they have to say.

3. Demonstrate how it will help you.

It is not difficult to convince your parent to say “yes” to something they know is safe and beneficial to you. All they need is to comprehend your desire. They will grant your request after realizing how you will benefit from it.

How to Convince Your Parents – The Steps to Take

4. Begin small at first.

You want to convince your parents to agree to a smaller but connected item. When individuals become devoted to a cause for something minor, they will feel compelled to make the same option in future scenarios.

5. No Pain, No gain experiment and experiment

Negotiating with your parents is difficult, but it is achievable! If you can negotiate with your parents, it’s a good thing for you. This is a win-win situation. You get what you desire from your parents, and vice versa. Nobody will get hurt.

6. Never argue with your parents.

But don’t argue with them. You may express your opinion, reasoning, and explanations but do not engage in a debate. If you are turned down, take some time to plan another method to convince your parents. Do not enter a plea. You’ll only irritate them.

Always demonstrate to them that you are mature and open to discourse and that you can speak and listen respectfully. Act properly after you realize why they are saying no to you.

7. Allow them time to reflect and make a decision.

If you are trying to convince your parents of a big decision, such as a long trip or an expensive purchase, your best strategy is to give them time. Just before you ask, let them know that they can take their time thinking about it before responding.

8. Make it plain to them what you desire.

Be direct and tell your parents exactly what you want. They may agree immediately away, or they may require further persuasion. But, in any case, you’ve made it obvious what you want. For an example, if you desire a new tab, explain to your parents that you need it to conduct research and compose better compositions for your writing class.

9. Remind them of their uniqueness.

When you are attempting to persuade your parents to say yes to you, it doesn’t really matter what you say when you ask. It all boils down to how they feel and react right before you make your request. That’s why most youngsters know not to inquire when their parents are agitated or worried.

Express your gratitude to your parents for everything they do for you.

10. Express your gratitude to your parents for everything they do for you.

When you reach the stage when you feel ready to ask your parents for something, take the time to express your gratitude to them. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or out of the ordinary. A genuine show of thanks can go a long way toward establishing the groundwork for you to ask them for something.

11. Be responsible and demonstrate your responsibility.

Put your words into action. Just talking will not be enough. Your actions must persuade your parents. If you know that simply talking to your parents will not result in them approving your request, you must transform yourself in a good way that will reassure them. You deserve it, as you have proven to them.

In situations like this, you must be more patient and careful in your approach. The trick is to show them that you are grown enough to deserve what you desire.

You can begin by doing tiny things. Change your perspective and be polite. Your parents are keeping an eye on you from time to time. Parents enjoy seeing their children improve in areas that are important to them. Perform your duties or get good scores in school. Even if you act well, there is still a chance that they will alter their mind.

12. Finally, you must respect your parents’ decision.

If you still can’t get your parents to say “yes” after trying all of the listed methods, just respect their decision. Avoid being enraged at them. They have their reasons for refusing to give in to what you desire. Just be grateful that you have parents who care about you. If you do not, you will be unable to obtain anything in the future.


In general, your parents will say no to you. You might be able to convince them once if you argue and cry. However, if you work on their subconscious brains before even asking them for something, they will be unaware of your role in the convincing.

They believe they decided on their own and remain in control. Try these proven technics on how to convince your parents and good luck.