Extra cash isn’t hard to find when you need it. It’s only a matter of looking in your wallet. In today’s world, everyone seems to be working some kind of side gig, renting stuff out, or selling unwanted things to make some extra cash, which is awesome. 

No matter what you’ve decided, you can earn some extra money at home, online, or on the side to help you reach your money goals. It’s important to note that these are all legitimate ways to earn money-there is nothing shady about them.

Now let’s start to earn something more by following these ways:

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Tutor Online
  • Take Surveys
  • Teach English
  • Become an Influencer
  • Become a Social Media Manager
  • Make Something & Sell it
  • Proofread What Others Write
  • Plan Special Events
  • Personal Assistant
  • Online Coaching
  • Create a Podcast
  • Sell Proprietary Goods

Ways to Earn Extra Money

As the number of online and remote work opportunities expands, there is more opportunity to earn additional income. The most important thing to consider when looking for ways to earn extra cash from home is finding the opportunity that fits your skills, interests, level of commitment, and experience. 

1. Freelancing

Any list of easy side hustle ideas should include freelancing as one of the best ways to earn extra income. As a freelancer, you can schedule projects around your free time and deliver work for a client or clients. 

There are many freelance opportunities available, including graphic designers, writers, editors, and website developers. In addition to skilled mechanics, trained bookkeepers, video editors, interior decorators, and even licensed real estate agents can find flexible project-based work.


How to do Freelancing?

Email and social media are free methods to advertise your freelance skills. Using freelancer websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and, which manage projects and payments for you, can also be helpful. It adds professional polish to your website, plus it allows convenient online invoicing and payments with Square or another payment processor.

2. Create a Blog

Invest time and energy into creating a website and blog about a topic you have a passion for and knowledge of. Using affiliate links and ads on your blog will help you generate income. If you enjoy writing, spending time online, and sharing interests, experiences, and opinions with others, this is a great choice for you. As it takes some time to establish your blog before you can earn money, you may not be able to do this if you need fast cash. 

3. Create a YouTube Channel

Consider a topic you are interested in and are knowledgeable about and create a YouTube channel about it. Provide viewers with information or discuss a topic by creating and uploading videos. YouTube will only allow you to monetize your channel after you reach certain milestones. 

4. Tutor Online

Don’t think tutoring means you’ve earned straight as in high school and college. Knowledge is everything, and how well you know it matters. Students can hire tutors online from companies like, TutorMe, and Studypool to share their knowledge with them on a variety of subjects.

If you want to become a tutor, just be careful when choosing a job. On these on-demand tutoring sites, many users are looking for someone to complete their homework or write their essays. Make sure you sift through the postings carefully.  

5. Take Surveys

You can earn money just by taking surveys and giving your opinions on sites like MyPoints or Survey Junkie. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? Keep in mind that these sites look for very specific characteristics when selecting members. In other words, not every survey will be right for you.

Moreover, you have to complete a certain number of surveys in order to cash out your points. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can still add up over time. Give it a chance if you are patient and persistent!     

6. Teach English

A growing trend for earning money online and on the side is teaching languages. If you are interested in teaching English abroad, many websites allow you to become an online teacher. When you commit to holding regular classes, this can become a steady side income for you. 

7. Become an Influencer

Become a social media influencer and get paid! Apparently, social media can be useful after all. It might be worth considering becoming an influencer if you have a lot of followers on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, or even your blog.

You can become an online resource for businesses to increase their visibility, whether it’s fashion, cookware, or home décor. Get in touch with brands you love and tell them you’d love to work with them! Similarly, if you’re open to affiliate marketing and sponsored content, you should check out ShareASale and Amazon Associates.     

8. Become a Social Media Manager

Social media is a presence for most companies. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to stay connected with customers (or future customers) and build a following. However, this can be a monumental task for smaller companies without many employees. Your role is to fill that gap. An understanding of different social media channels and a knack for creativity might make you a great candidate for this position!     

9. Make Something & Sell It

Creative individuals who know how to make things can sell their products online or in local stores. You can sell your knitted items or excess produce from your garden if you are a knitter or gardener. It is possible for people who are good at baking or cake decorating to sell their baked goods. Take a look at your hobby and consider how you can earn money from it. Find out if local shops are willing to sell your product.

10. Proofread What Others Write

If you enjoy reviewing copies for spelling, grammar, and readability, consider becoming a proofreader. Proofreaders are used by a variety of industries to check communications, marketing materials, and even labeling for accuracy. You may find it worth your while to be a proofreader, no matter if you are considering the position as a full-time or temporary role.

11. Plan Weddings or Special Events

Become a wedding planner, also known as an event planner, to take the stress out of others’ weddings. Having an organized personality, familiarity with local businesses, and ability to relate to people might make this a good job for you at home. Venues are booked, petals are ordered, caterers and photographers are contracted, rehearsals are conducted, and problems are resolved. It is also common for churches and venues to hire wedding coordinators.

12. Personal Assistant

Busy people need help with their daily tasks, and many prefer to use one service application rather than juggling multiple apps. Whether you’re a side hustler who enjoys grocery shopping, dry cleaning pickups, dog walking, or picking up kids from school, this is a great opportunity for you. With little investment, you can start your assistant business. 

13. Online Coaching

What area of expertise do you have? By creating and selling online courses and coaching programs in your spare time, you can capitalize on your knowledge. It’s easy to launch another side hustle using low-cost, user-friendly online course platforms. Plus, side hustles like online courses and coaching can grow into lucrative businesses when combined with social media marketing, ebooks, YouTube promotion, and blogging.

14. Create a Podcast

Another easy side hustle idea is podcasting, which can be launched and built at little to no cost. An audio podcast is a pre recorded audio file that you edit, and upload to a podcasting service for listeners. 

There are a number of ways to monetize podcasts, including advertising, sponsored content, affiliate links, and paid subscriptions.

Podcasts can be recorded and edited using audio recording apps that you can download for your smartphone, tablet, and computer, then uploaded to platforms including iTunes, Anchor, and Buzzsprout.

15. Sell Proprietary Goods

You can create proprietary goods by contracting with factories if you have an idea for a product and are willing to invest upfront. It’s not uncommon for side hustlers to take products that already exist, improve them a little, and produce them at a reasonable price. In addition to selling directly to consumers via your website, Amazon, Walmart, and social media marketplaces, you can wholesale these goods under your brand to retailers. Many successful businesses have started with this side hustle idea, but it takes time and research to succeed.