Major Activities of the Planning Section Include

The answer to the question of major activities of the planning section include is preparing and documenting incident action plans. It comes with multi-choice answers, compensating for injury or damage to property, providing technology to ensure efficient incident communications, setting up and maintaining incident facilities, preparing and documenting Incident Action Plans.

Major Activities of the Planning Section Include
Major Activities of the Planning Section Include

What are All Major Activities of the Planning Section Include?

Preparing and documenting Incident Action Plans

Managing information and maintaining situational awareness for the incident

Tracking resources assigned to the incident

Developing plans for demobilization

Maintaining incident documentation

How a Planning Section Function in ICS (Incident Command Systems)

Creating an Incident Action Plan (IAP) – The Planning Section creates the incident action plan, with input from the Operations Section, safety officer and the IC are necessary to establish an effective blueprint for the incident’s reaction and management.

The Planning Section will also create a contingency plan to evaluate the current and projected incident and resource statuses. Further, they will create alternative approaches, identify resources needed to implement the contingency plan, ensure that you document alternatives for presentation to the IC and Operations, and include them in the written IAP.

Briefing Meetings: Status briefing meetings should be planned at regular intervals by the Planning Section in collaboration with the Incident Commander. The Planning Section Chief will develop and display the incident status summary information discussed in these sessions.

How a Planning Section Function in ICS (Incident Command Systems)

Active Response: The Planning Section will provide feedback throughout the incident and the IAP. In addition to developing initial operational objectives, the Planning Section needs to consider potential threats that will affect completing the IAP (such as an act of god), develop alternate strategies to meet objectives, maintain awareness of on-scene resource requests, and consider long-term staffing considerations.

The Planning Section monitors a resource tracking system, coordinates with logistics to identify and satisfy future needs, developing/maintaining incident maps, and remains informed of on-scene resource requests during the crisis.

Demobilization Process: The Planning Section is responsible for drafting a demobilization plan, collecting all documentation after the incident, and adding information to the post-incident report that will be presented to the regulators during the demobilization phase.

Maintaining Forms: ICS forms are an important aspect of appropriate documentation processes, and all jobs should be conversant with the forms that apply to them. Documentation is critical evidence of decisions and actions made and the knowledge available to decision-makers at critical periods.


The Planning division is in charge of overseeing the various activities of the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is used to respond to emergencies in the United States. The majority of the acts in this category are related to planning.

Gathering and analyzing data, collecting, and keeping incident reports, and so on are examples of these activities. The process of preparing and keeping incident paperwork is crucial, requiring accuracy in the depiction of facts and numbers. As a result, we say. The answer to the question of major activities of the planning section include is preparing and documenting incident action plans