Minus Sign – What is the Meaning?

The minus sign – is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of negative. Minus denotes subtraction, which results in a difference. Its use has been expanded to include a variety of other meanings. Minus is a Latin phrase that means “less.” Johannes Widmann used the symbols minus in his 1489 treatise. U+2212 is the Unicode of the  − minus sign.

minus sign -
Minus Sign –

How to Use Minus Sign (-)

In mathematics, the minus symbol has two purposes.

1. The minus sign indicates subtraction operation of 2 numbers or expressions


2. The minus symbol denotes a negative amount.


What is the Difference Between Minus Sign (-), Hyphen (-), and the Dash (—)?

What is the Difference Between Minus Sign hyphen and dash

Mathematically, the minus sign (-) denotes negative amounts or as the symbol for the subtraction operation. The hyphen (-) is used to connect various word sections. Visually both look the same.

A dash is a much longer line— normally double the length of a hyphen dash —that signifies a break or halt in the thinking.





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