Who is Peter Hinwood? All You Need to Know

He was born in England on May 17, 1946. Peter Hinwood is best remembered for his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

Peter Hinwood is most known for his role in the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as the well-oiled, muscular, and mostly mute creation Rocky Horror. While Rocky Horror’s body was his, Australian singer Trevor White dubbed his singing voice in post-production. Scott Michaels interviewed both Hinwood and White for his 2002 book “Rocky Horror: From Concept to Cult.”

He had no acting experience and did not even sing any of his films’ songs. He avoided any attention for The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and has since withdrawn from the show industry.

Then he went on to become a successful antique trader for many years. A two-page story on his gallery appeared in the American ‘House & Garden’ magazine in the late 1990s, or early 2000s, illustrated with several Islamic artworks and a very big stucco or plasterwork figured relief from Elizabethan England.

After The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hinwood retired from performing and works as an antique dealer in London. He chose not to take the rocky route to success because he likes a calm life.

Peter Hinwood
Peter Hinwood

What is Peter Hinwood’s Birthday?

May 17, 1946

What is the full name of Peter Hinwood?

Peter Wylie Hinwood

What is Peter Hinwood’s Birthplace?

England , United Kingdom

Did Peter Hinwood Got Married?

No, he didn’t, but he mentioned Christopher Gibbs, another famous antique dealer, as his life and business partner.

What is Peter Hinwood’s height?

He is 6′ 1″ tall (1.86 m)

What Are the Films in Peter Hinwood Acted?

Sebastiane (1976) as Emperor’s Guest

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) as Rocky Horror – A Creation

Tam-Lin (1970) as Guy



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