TT – What Does TT Mean in Texting   

TT can mean transformation Tuesday, trending topic, till tomorrow, etc. If it is written as T_T, it means crying. So, what does TT mean in texting? In texting, 90% of the time, it means trending topic or till tomorrow. Let’s explore all meanings associated with this acronym.

TT - What Does TT Mean in Texting
TT – What Does TT Mean in Texting

What Does TT Stand for in Social Media (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat)

TT is mainly used in social media to say transformation Tuesday, trending topic, or till tomorrow. If you don’t know what transformation Tuesday is, Transformation Tuesday is a popular trend where people share the results of the transformations they’ve done through a period.

What Does TT Stand for in Social Media (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat)

What Does T_T Mean

T_T means crying, and it symbolizes crying face ( T underscore and T ).

What Does T-T Mean

What does TT stand for – Other Meanings Associated with TT

  • Table tennis
  • Triple treat
  • Ta ta
  • Twin turbo
  • Time travel
  • Travel time
  • Technical team
  • Top tank
  • Top tier
  • Travel and tourism
  • Terminal transfer
  • Treatment team
how can you use tt in texting- examples

How Can You Use TT in Texting – Examples

  • Keep this book with you TT (Till tomorrow)
  • Want to know about my TT (Transformation Tuesday) last week?
  • The article is about artificial intelligence. It is a TT (Trending Topic)
  • I captained my college TT (Table Tennis) team.
  • TT (Ta ta), see you tomorrow.
  • That car has a TT (Twin turbo) engine under its hood.
  • I think we can use TT (Time travel) by 2050.
  • Contact TT (Technical team) immediately. This needs to be repaired soon.
  • You can find it on the TT (Top tier).


If you received a message with the acronym TT and wondered what it means, first, you need to understand the context of that text message. Since TT has multiple meanings, the sender might mean a totally different thing than what you think it is. E.g., I was recognized as a good TT (Table Tennis/ Technical Team/ Treatment team) player. We hope that you got a fair understating about what does TT mean in texting.


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