WBU-What Does WBU Mean 

WBU stands for what about you or what’ bout you? WBU is an acronym frequently used in messaging. It can be used to find out additional information about someone. Hence what does WBU mean ? People frequently post about themselves on social media and then submit the question to learn something similar about the personality of the person with whom they are chatting.

WBU-What Does WBU Mean
WBU-What Does WBU Mean

What Does WBU Mean in Texting?

What about you is the meaning of WBU in texting. Unlike other acronyms (e.g., TT), it doesn’t have many multiple meanings associated.

What Is the Meaning of WBU in Social Media?

WBU stands for what about you on all social media platforms, similar to texting.

When to Reply WBU 

It is most commonly used in response to being asked how you are or what you are doing after you have offered your own response.

Example: When someone messaged and ask you, “how are you doing” you can respond by saying, “I am doing great WBU?”. 

Are WBU and HBU the Same

Are WBU and HBU the Same?

There is a subtle difference. The meanings are nearly identical and are sometimes defined as similar. However, “what about you” is used when the topic is general and broad, and “how about you” is used when it is specific.

Example – What about you, these days

                   How about you, are you with me on this answer

Other Meanings Associated with WBU

  • World Boxing Union
  • World Buddhist University
  • World Blind Union
  • World Broadcasting Union
  • Web Development Unit
Examples of How to Use WBU in Texting

Examples of How to Use WBU in Texting 

  • Hey, I am going for a walk, WBU? (What about you)
  • I love pizza, WBU? (What about you)
  • We are planning to go on a trip, WBU? (What about you)
  • I thought of having a nap, WBU? (What about you)




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