What are the Words with Mis? A Focused Guide

There are several words with mis and first, let’s look at the words which Start with mis. Miss, Mismanage, Miscall, Misjudge, Mister, Misery, Mislead, Misinformation, Misconceptions, Miscellaneous, Misunderstood ,Misconception, Misinterpret, Misconducted, Mischief, Misfortune, Misbehavior, Miserable, Misguided, Mistaken, Mistress, Mischief, Mistrust ,Mismatch, Mission, Mistook, Misty, Mishap, Misfortune, Misfire, Misjudge.

Above are a few examples only. Let’s explore more about words with mis.

Words with Mis
Words with Mis

What Word Ends with Mis?

Several words end with mis, let’s look at a few examples’ Amis, Semis, Sumis, Tamis, Epididymis, Kirigamis, and Imprimis are a few of the most used ones.

What Word Ends with Mis

Is Mis Prefix or Suffix?

Mis is a prefix. In the contemporary English language, Mis is used as a prefix. Several words have been prefixed by mis.

How Do You Use Mis in a Sentence? 10 Examples 

  • It is a misty morning 
  • Oh, he was mistaken for someone else
  • That man is on a mission 
  • Hey, I got a miscall from you
  • I felt miserable after listing to that news
  • Hey mister what are you doing there?
  • This battle is a mismatch 
  • That theory was based on a misconception 
  • They got qualified for the semis 
  • Sorry, I mistook you for your brother
How Do You Use Mis in a Sentence, examples

What is the Role of MIS in Finance & Business?

MIS stands for Management Information Systems. A financial MIS delivers financial information to managers for them to make daily operational choices within the firm.

The MIS assists top-level management in goal setting, strategic planning, and the evolution and implementation of company objectives. The MIS is responsible for information collection, problem identification, communication, and decision-making.

Words with Mis – Conclusion

There are 1000 odd words that include mis, and we have given you a guide using frequently used words with mis and hope this was useful.