What Color is Graphite – Complete Answer

The color of the graphite is gray.  However, it can range from gray to black/blue, depending on the graphite grade. The hexadecimal color code for graphite is #53565b (Graphite gray). It is 432C in the Pantone color system. So, what is the definitive answer to the question, “What color is graphite?” Let’s study more about the history and chemical composition of graphite.

What Color is Graphite
What Color is Graphite

What is Graphite?

Graphite is a crystalline form of carbon element.  It is made up of graphene layers that are weakly bonded together. Graphite is a natural resource and is thought to be the most stable form of carbon (in most circumstances).

Graphite is a good heat and electrical conductor when it is at its purest—basically crystallized carbon. In fact, it is elementally related to diamonds, which are similarly a kind of crystallized carbon.

Open-pit and underground mining processes are used to get graphite. Graphite needs beneficiation. This can be accomplished by hand-picking the gangue bits and hand-screening the product or breaking the rock and floating out the graphite.

Is Graphite Considered a Metal?

Carbon is an element, and graphite is a type of carbon. Graphite is not a metal, and it is the only non-metal which can conduct electricity. Graphite has metallic as well as non-metallic characteristics.

What Color is Graphite – The Color Codes for Graphite Gray

Hex system – #53565b

Pantone code – 432C

RGB – rgb(86,88,91)

CMYK – cyan: 5% magenta: 3% , yellow: 0% , key: 64%

Munsell color System -10B 5/1 ΔE = 2.214

12 Colors That Go Well with Graphite Color

12 Colors That Go Well with Graphite Color

• Earthen Red

• Purple

White shades

• Pink salmon

• Pink blush

• Indigo

• Emerald

• Vibrant Yellow

• Pale orange

Blue navy

• Green

• Mustard

What Color is Graphite Furniture

Furniture made of graphite is dark gray (similar to charcoal gray), but the exact shade of gray varies based on the furniture type.

What are the Uses of Graphite?

• Pencils

• Batteries

What are the Uses of Graphite

• Electrode Production

• Brake linings

• Sensors

• Lubricants

• Nuclear power plants

• Steel Production

• Components of mobile phones


Graphite color can range from steel-gray to black and deep blue in transmitted light. And apart from the Graphite gray color, there are similar colors to graphite (e.g.: -Hex #333f48 or #36454f). With so many color variations available, the answer to what color is graphite is quite challenging. But 90% of the time, it is a shade of gray; hence we would say the answer is gray.




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