What Do Eels Eat? Latest Update

As soon as we see an eel, the first thing that comes to our mind is “What do eels eat?” Small eels eat worms; insects live in the water, and water snails. Eels develop rapidly from the larval stage to the adult stage, and the majority of them are predators.

Occasionally eel diet may also contain sea plants, wheat, and certain vegetables.

What Do Eels Eat
What Do Eels Eat

Eels can be found in both saltwater and freshwater/rivers. These fish can be found in waterways all over the world. Eels have limited vision and lateral lines, which are rows of sensors on their head. These assist them in detecting movement in the water.

Most eels live in the ocean’s shallow waters, burrowing into the sand, mud, or amid rocks. Because most eel species are nocturnal, they are rarely observed. They are sometimes spotted living together in holes known as “eel pits.”

What Do River Eels Eat?

Freshwater eels are carnivorous; they eat worms, small fish, frogs, freshwater snails, and freshwater shrimp.

What Do River Eels Eat

What Do Sea Water Eels Eat?

Seawater eels enjoy eating small fish, shrimp, insects, crabs, octopus, lobsters, and jellyfish. Eels normally consume whatever they can fit into their mouths. They will not hunt creatures of the same size.

What Do Eels Eat When They are Small?

Worms, insects, and small marine snails are common foods for baby eels.

What is Eel’s Favorite Food?

Fish, snails, worms, shrimp, lobsters, and insects are among the foods favored by eels. But their diet is far more complex and versatile. 

List of Food that Eels Eat

List of Food that Eels Eat


• Shrimp

• Octopus

• Crustaceans

• Insects

• Lobsters

• Jellyfish

• Clams

• Mussels

• Squid

• Insects

• Crabs

• Crayfish

• Sea Horse 

• Krill

• Frogs

• Molluscs

• Snails

• Worms

• Vegetables and sea plants (Certain eel types only)

Do Eels Eat Humans?

No, Eels do not eat humans, although electric eels (though technically not considered eels) can cause electrical shock, which can be lethal on rare occasions. On the other hand, multiple shocks can result in respiratory or cardiac failure.

Can Humans Eat Eels

Can Humans Eat Eels?

Humans do eat eels. Freshwater and marine eels are often used in Japanese cuisine; popular yet pricey eels are unadon and unaj. Eels are also popular in Chinese cuisine and can be served in various ways.

Freshwater eels and European eels are mostly consumed in Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. Presently the European eel is classified as critically endangered.

Smoked eel is regarded as a delicacy in England, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.


With a wide palate and food choices, the answer to what do eels eat is a complex one.  Eels are fascinating species with a diverse diet. Eels will eat almost anything they can get their teeth on, including other fish, worms, shrimp, and sea plants on occasions.