What Do You Do In Your Spare Time

What do you do in your spare time is something we all think about regardless of being an adult, a teenager, or even an established professional. How you spend your spare time will have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Even as a growing child, it will help an individual shape up their future. Our team did some in-depth research on this and managed to compile the following activities. 

Things To Do In Your Spare Time – Leisure Wise

Things to do in your spare time - Leisure Wise
Traveling – Opening your horizons
  • Reading a book – Reading will help you stimulate your brain and increase your focus; it will reduce stress. You can immerse yourself in a great story or an article and take away your mind from problems. It will help you to live in the moment. Reading is beyond leisure. It will help you to increase your knowledge as well as your vocabulary as well. 
  • Watching a TV program – It can be a movie, a football match, you name it, which you can use to increase the family bonding time. It is fun watching movies with your spouse or with your kids. And if you want some me-time, you can always watch TV on your own as well.
  • Traveling – If you have extended holiday or spare time, you can always consider traveling; this will ensure peace of mind and help you create memories. Two of our team members met their soul mates while traveling; you never know what life unfolds for you 😊. Traveling will improve your social skills and will aid in communication skills as well.
  • Meeting up with your old buddies – When you look back in your life, you must have had so many beautiful memories with school, college, and ex-office friends. Why don’t you take some time off and catch up with them when you start talking about those old memories and have a good laugh without knowing your stress will go away.
  • Play cards/board games – This is an ideal thing to do in your spare time, which will help you to increase the bond between family members. It is always fun to play monopoly, cards, or any other multiplayer board game. This will help you to interact with your family while enjoying a competitive game.
  • Learning to play an instrument – You can be the next hero in your family gatherings. Why don’t you try to learn guitar, keyboard, piano in your leisure time? It will make you stand out in society as an all-rounder and fun to be around, and attract a lot of attention. Your name will be the first to be put on for any party invitee list.

Things To Do In Your Spare Time – Health Wise

Things to do in your spare time – Health Wise
Exercise -Your body and mind needs it
  • Exercise / Jogging – This is the obvious choice and something that everyone needs to prioritize in their list of what you do in your spare time. “Health is the biggest wealth.” You do not need to go to a gym to get a good workout; even a 10-minute simple jog will do the trick for you (if you can jog for 20 – 30 minutes, it is better). Exercise will rejuvenate you and will increase your mojo.
  • Meditation – If you can meditate, it will calm your nervous system and reduce your stress. It will help you face pressure and stay calm; Yoga, Buddhist Bawana, are the most common meditation method.
  • Gardening – This is a leisure activity that requires a little bit of physical involvement. We mean by gardening is watering, but it also involves digging, planting trees, vegetables, picking the vegetables and fruits, pruning the plants, etc. It will give you a full-body workout even without you knowing. 
  • Take a Swim / Bike ride – This will increase your body’s blood circulation and relax your mind. It will be an entire body workout that can be enjoyed as a sport rather than just an exercise activity. Most towns do have small aquatic and rider clubs. Why don’t you join and see you can make new friends as well.

Things To Do In Your Spare Time – Personality Development

Things to do in your spare time – Personality Development
Chess Board – Be focused and Analyze
  • Enroll in a course that interests you – Sometimes hobbies have turned into businesses. You can be an accountant, but if you like to learn about marketing / HR / IT, there are thousands of online and offline courses available; you can use your spare time to learn these new areas. You never know how these can redefine your future.
  • Get involved with social work – You cannot change the world within one night. But small kindness from you can change a life of a single person for a lifetime. When you get involved with community work, you start to feel good about yourself, and you see how privileged you are and how others are struggling in their lives. You can be involved in your own town/street beautification projects, which will help you find new friends/contacts.
  • Get enrolled in toastmasters / or public speaking club – Well, public speaking is something which we all fear. But if you get involved with toastmasters or any other public speaking club gradually, they will help you let go of your fear. In those clubs, no one laughs at you even if you make 100 mistakes. Everyone will help you improve. It will help you meet new people, improve your vocabulary. In your office next time, you can be the person who will be delivering the most inspirational public speech that will delight your directors.
  • Playing chess / Creating Origami – As teenagers, this can be an excellent hobby to do in your spare time. This will help you think sharp and focus, which will help you to develop your personality and be a better human being.

Apart from the above detailed essential list, there are 1000 odd other things you can do in your spare time; below are a few worth mentioning. You need to spend your time productively, but you need some time off to refresh and rejuvenate. Hence, what do you do in your spare time plays a significant role in achieving that objective.

  • Collecting stamps – Improve your focus, communication/research.
  • Cooking – Improves your additional skills.
  • Cleaning the room – Improves personal hygiene/environment.
  • Play some sport – Improve your fitness.
  • Start taking photographs – Improve your focus / Can be a business opportunity.
  • Writing Stories – You can be the next J.K Rowling; you never know.
  • Start an online blog – Hobbies can be turned into business ventures.

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