What Does 33 Mean in Texting? An In-Depth Explanation

In texting, <33 means “Heart.” A heart is also referred to as two hugs, so when you text or email someone you love, you might say <33 hugs. A heart is one of the most ordinary symbols in our ordinary everyday language. And as a symbol, it has been that way for hundreds of years. It’s been around that long that no one can say for certain where it came from.

<33 has evolved to represent different symbols, including hearts and other forms of hugs. But the love connection remains the same. The use of heart emojis has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. But it’s not only the symbol that has changed, but also how it’s used. For example, instead of using 3 to mean “heart,” people start to use < 33 because it looks more like a heart shape.

At first glance, <33 is an odd way to represent a heart with two arms and two legs. But it’s probably the most commonly used way of expressing hearts in text messaging.

What Does <33 Mean on Social Media?

The use of <33 in text messaging has become so popular that you even see the number used in other countries worldwide. For example, in Japan, people leave their hearts on their mirrors before going out. They do this to wish their friends or significant others well.

You can also see <33 used to express affection in other languages. For example, in Germany, they call <33 the “three kisses,” In Spain and Italy, people call three love. And it’s even used in languages we don’t understand, such as Japanese.

So if you see a lot of hearts in these languages, it’s probably because of <33. But you can also find the number used in special ways when you go online. For example, when you go on Tumblr or DeviantArt, there’s a character called “heart hands,” a heart with two hands holding each other. It’s said to represent your true love or your heart. You can see this character on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What Does 33 Mean in Texting

What About Text Messaging? How is <33 Used There?

1. it’s the symbol for “heart” in texts and emails. A heart is also referred to as two hugs, so when you text or email someone you love, you might say < 33 hugs.

2. A heart can stand for an emotion or a feeling: “I feel like I’m going to explode from all this joy!” or “I got the job!” which means “I was so happy when I got the job that I felt like I was going to burst from all my joy!” In this case, a heart stands for emotion. The number < 33 stands for love so that you can use it for three things: love, joy, delight, or happiness.

3. A heart can also mean health: “Hey, how’s your heart?” or “Don’t worry, I got your back.” In this case, it represents the organ that pumps blood through our body: the heart. And it’s here that we find a different meaning. The third meaning of 3 is “three,” which means “health.” This could be because we attach a lot of importance to our heart and other vital organs when we’re younger.

4. It can also mean “love” in the sense of caring for someone enough to ask them, “Hey, how’s your heart today?” or “How are you feeling?”. This is pretty much what the word “heart” means in this context.

5. It can also mean “love” in the sense of showing someone you care about them by helping them out or getting their back. This is pretty much what the word “heart” means in this context too. Maybe because when we get older, we find that being responsible for other people goes along with being responsible for ourselves and our bodies, too.

6. A heart can also be used to show affection or love in the sense of caring for someone or something: “I’ve got your back” (meaning I’ll help you). Or “You’re my everything” (meaning that that person holds an important, special place in your life).

7. However, <33 can also be used when you care about someone because you’re annoyed with them: “Are you cool with me?” (meaning I hope you’re not “mad” at me) or “She dumped him!” (meaning she broke up with him).

8. And in some cases, the number 3 can be used to show how you feel about someone. For example, “I’m <33 for you!” (meaning I love you). And of course, people do this with friends and family members all the time.

9. The number can also show how people feel about an activity: “We <33 photo-taking!” (meaning we all love taking photos). Or “I <33 cooking!” (meaning I enjoy cooking).

10. It can stand for a word as well as a meaning, such as “hug”: “No words can convey my love for you.” In this case, the symbol stands for the word. This is pretty similar to how we might use a word in place of a symbol. such as “heart” or “hugs” instead of <3 or <333.

11. The symbol also reminds us that it’s the quality of love that counts, not the amount: “I <33 pizza!” (meaning I love pizza). However, you can also be <33 about someone “when you like them” or “when you like something they like” (meaning when you think their tastes are good). This is similar to how we might say “I love you” when we think the person is cute.

With given real-life examples, I hope you got a clear idea about what does 33 mean in texting.