What Does ISTG Mean – Complete Guide

The acronym ISTG means for I swear to God. ISTG is used to emphasize a message indicating astonishment, skepticism, or exasperation (similar to the frequently used acronym OMG / OML – Oh My god / Oh My Lord).

“I swear to God” phrase has been used for thousands of years and is derived from the old English term “swear,” which signifies an oath. The term translates as an oath or pledge made to God, who should never to be messed with fear of going to hell if he is lied to.

The abbreviation ISTG is not usually appropriate for usage in professional conversations or interactions in which you wish to be polite to the other person or individuals.

What Does ISTG Mean
What Does ISTG Mean

ISTG – Other Meanings 

  • I Stay on The Grind
  • I Support The Girls 
  • Integrated Systems Tech Group
  • Implicit State Transition Graph
  • I Swear to God – Song (ISTG by Leeno Number$ – 2020)
ISTG – Other Meanings

How Can you Use ISTG in Texting or Messaging?

Bro, ISTG that I saw him today (Bro, I swear to God that I saw him today)

Anne, please, believe me, ISTG, I didn’t take it. (Anne, please, believe me, I swear to God, I didn’t take it)  

ISTG, I love you a lot (I swear to God, I love you a lot)

How Can you Use ISTG in Texting or Messaging


In-text messages and social media, using shorter sentences is a popular communication technique. ISTG (I swear to God) is a well-known message-based acronym. Reading this article we believe that you got a clear idea about what does ISTG mean.