What Does NaN Miles Mean? Verified Answer

The answer to what does Nan miles mean is that NaN stands for Not a numberThis frequently happens when you don’t enter a valid number into a computer system

This is very common in Facebook advertising. When you advertise a vehicle, and if you don’t put the correct mileage, it will show as NaN. “NaN” is a computer error message, and This means that the entry was not within the limits of whatever the system was designed to accept.

What Does NaN Miles Mean
What Does NaN Miles Mean

Why do People use NaN When Advertising?

People tend to put “N/A” in the description instead of the actual mileage to get more inquiries from interested buyers. This is used as a sales tactic.

The other reason is a purely human error where you put a number that the computer system cannot read, and the computer system will return Nan (Not a number) message.

Why do People use NaN When Advertising

What Does NaN Miles Mean on a Boat?

Unlike a car, a boat’s running is measured by nautical miles, and when you list a boat to sell, you might put N/A for the mileage. Facebook and other computer apps might not be able to read this and will display this entry as NaN or as Not a number.

What Does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook

What Does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook?

When Facebook couldn’t pick the numerical entry of a particular field, it wrote it as NaN (Not a number). This frequently happens with vehicle sales listings. So, if someone wants Facebook not to display NaN, they need to enter the correct number for the relevant field.


NaN is an acronym for Not a Mile. And it is generated by the computer not being able to read the specific field. We hope that you got a clear idea about what does NaN miles mean.



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