What Does PMOYS Mean? Complete Guide

The answer to what does PMOYS mean is Put Me On Your Story or Put Me On Your Snap Chat. This internet acronym is widely used in Snapchat. Apart from Snapchat, this term has been used in other social media networks as well. PMOYS term came into the limelight in 2011 and became very popular by 2016. 

What Does PMOYS Mean
What Does PMOYS Mean

What do You Mean by Using PMOYS?

PMOYS (Put me on your story) is a phrase that is frequently used by someone to highlight their relationship or friendship with another person. It is used to demonstrate a friendship or show that two individuals are hanging around.

What do You Mean by Using PMOYS

What Does PMOYS Mean? Conversation Example

Friend A shares a picture on Snapchat with friend B.

Friend A: Hey bro, we both look great in this picture. PMOYS if you can!

Friend B – It is, and I will certainly include you.

Other Meanings Associated with PMOYS

Other Meanings Associated with PMOYS

• Chris Parx has a popular song called PMOYS (Outro) from his 2020 album Genesis.

Apple app store has a meet friends app called #FYP, and the seller is PMOYS, LLC.


In comparison to other internet acronyms, PMOYS is more straightforward; it does not have a wide range of meanings. We believe that this post has helped you understand what does PMOYS mean with examples.