What Does RP Mean? Complete Answer 

RP has two different meanings: Received Pronunciation (RP) and the other is Role Play (RP). So, what does RP mean? Is it only those two meanings, or do you get more? Let’s dig deep and learn about all.

What Does RP Mean
What Does RP Mean

What does RP stand for in English & What is Received Pronunciation (RP)

Received Pronunciation is the British English accent that has historically been considered standard. However, this has been debated as the definition of RP for centuries. How many speakers there are, whether there are sub-varieties, whether it is geographically neutral, how the accent has changed over time, and how acceptable it is as a standard.

The name RP itself is contested. Because RP is an accent, RP’s research is limited to pronunciation concerns; other areas related to the study of language standards, such as grammar and vocabulary style, are not being considered.

What Does RP Mean in Text

What Does RP Mean in Text?

RP is an abbreviation for Role-play in texting. A role-playing game is one in which participants take on the roles of characters and work together to create storylines.

Participants decide their characters’ actions based on their characteristics, and the acts succeed or fail according to a defined set of rules and norms.

What Does RP Mean on Social Media?

In social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), RP stands for Role-play, which is when members act as a character and make decisions about their character’s actions and dialogue while engaging with other people in a story.

Role-playing can also be done online as group stories, involving anywhere from two to hundreds of individuals. This is similar to a game in which all characters are fictional and fully made up, but sometimes you can role-play an original character.

20 Other Acronyms Associated with RP and Its Meaning

20 Other Acronyms Associated with RP and Its Meaning

There are 100 + different acronyms associated with RP, but only a few are commonly being used; let’s look at the most common 20.

  • Rating Pending – Used in movie ratings
  • Rupiah – The currency of Indonesia
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa – A rare eye disease
  • Relief Pitcher – Substitute pitcher in baseball 
  • Research Paper – Academic documentation
  • Reverse Polarity – Receptacle is wired backward
  • Rheinische Post – A German newspaper
  • Real Player – A software which used to playback movies and songs
  • Recommended Practice – Code of conduct or set of rules
  • Rzeczpospolita Polska – Republic of Poland
  • Rapid Prototyping – fast fabrication of a physical part or model or using 3D software.
  • Registered Paralegal – Professional who performs tasks that require knowledge of the law
  • Remote Presence – Ability to control something over distance.
  • Retirement Plan – Pension Scheme
  • Route Processor – System controller for the Cisco CRS 8-slot Line Card Chassis Enhanced router
  • Roselle Park – A borough in New Jersey, USA
  • Rust Preventative – A type of paint
  • Raffles Program -6year curriculum culminating in the Singapore General Certificate in Education (GCE) Advanced Level Examination.
  • Raphe Pallidus – Smallest of the human raphe nuclei
  • Retained Profit – Finance/ Accounting term


We hope by now you know what RP means. RP has a lot of different meanings, but you get only two frequently used acronyms associated with it. Those are Received Pronunciation and Role Play.