What Does Supplanter Mean? The History and the Real Story

The meaning of supplanter is, someone or anything which takes the place of another on purpose, such as through planning or by force. What does supplanter mean? What is the history behind this word? Let’s dig deep and explore.

What Does Supplanter Mean
What Does Supplanter Mean

What Does Supplant Mean in the Bible?

The biblical story of Jacob’s birth, in which he emerged holding on to his twin brother’s heel. Jacob got Esau’s firstborn blessing, even though they were twins. Jacob was born to this world holding the heel of his twin brother Esau, and his name denotes as the holder of the heel or “supplanter.” Since Jacob twice robbed his brother of his privileges as the firstborn son (Genesis 27:36)

What Does Supplanter Mean in The Bible

What is the meaning of the name “James “?

The name James means “supplanter.” It is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, who was known as a supplanter. Even though supplanter is a negative term, James is a fairly frequent and popular name. From James Cook to the fictional character James Bond this name has been used frequently for boys.

What is the meaning of the name James

Is Supplanter, a Positive Word?

Because of the origin story behind this word, supplanter is not being used as a positive word. Traditionally, the term supplanter might be interpreted negatively as someone who takes or overthrows through force. 

However, the terms supplanting, and supplanter can be interpreted differently. The word could refer to someone who is strong and perseverant.



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