What is a Blouse – Everything You Need to Know

The simple answer to what is a blouse is that it is a loose-fitting upper garment worn by ladies (on occasions, men and classical musicians wear blouses). The blouse is a French word that originally referred to the blue blouse worn by French laborers. However, the name “blouse” came to apply to the varied tops worn by English farm laborers. The term “blouse” was initially used to describe to a young lady in the late 1800s.

Blouses are typically made of light fabrics such as silk or lightweight cotton. It’s usually gathered at the waist or hips and hangs freely (“blouses”) over the wearer’s torso. Blouses are cask-style, mainly mail-like garments that were rarely seen in a sophisticated woman’s wardrobe until the late nineteenth century.

When it comes to dressing casually, blouses have become popular. Various varieties of blouses were developed over time, endowing this piece with varying levels of elegance based on its attributes.

What is a Blouse
What is a Blouse

Currently, silk blouses, cotton blouses, and various tissues are available. Long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved blouses, blouses with neck and halter neck, and many more are available. They normally have buttonholes on the right side and buttons on the left when it comes to buttons. Blouses are available in a number of styles, from fitted to comfortably oversized. As a result, they flatter a wide range of body types, from thin to voluptuous.

Collars had shrunk by the 1960s, although they were quite large in the 1920s. Popular trends in the early 1970s and early 1980s were rounded collars, unusually broad collars, and double cuffs on shirts.

While most women prefer to open their top buttons for comfort, some blouses designed for women have looser necklines that allow the top button to be fastened without sacrificing comfort while maintaining the same attractive appearance.

Several women use various pins and baubles to their blouses above the fastened top button for added style. Some of these are attached directly to the button, while others are attached to the collars.

What are the Different Types of Blouses -31 Types

What are the Different Types of Blouses? 31 Types 

• Long-Sleeved

• Blouse with a U-shaped neckline

• Blouse in Leather

• Boat Neck

• Blouse with Lace

What are the Different Types of Blouses

• Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

• Round Neck Blouse

• Knotted Blouse

• Angrakha Style Blouse

 Noodle strap blouse

• V-Neck Blouse

What are the Different Types of Blouses

• Backless Blouse

• High-Low Blouse

• Blouse with Butterfly Sleeves

• Blouse with Panels

• Peplum Blouses

• Mandarin Blouse

• Tube Blouse

• Embroidered Blouses


• Asymmetric Blouse

• Draped Blouse

• Long Blouse

• Corset

• Halter Neck

• Jewel Neck Blouse

• Crew Neck

• Jacket Blouse

• Strapless Blouse

• Paneled

• Cape Sleeve Blouse

• Sweetheart blouse

Difference Between a Blouse and a Shirt?

Difference Between Blouse and a Shirt

Blouses (and many women’s shirts with buttons) typically have reversed buttons from men’s shirts. For example, the buttons are often on the wearer’s left hand, while the buttonholes are on the right. The reasons behind this are unknown, and various hypotheses exist with no definitive evidence. Some speculate that launderers started this practice for them to distinguish between women’s and men’s clothing.

Shirts are collared clothes that are buttoned through and buttoned-down. Sleeves might be short or long, with a draped, fitted, or exaggerated fit. Shirts can be macho, but they do not have to be frills or ruffles are sometimes added to create a more feminine touch.

A blouse, unlike a shirt, does not have a fully buttoned vertical opening. Blouses rarely have a shirt collar and have a more fluid, gentler appearance than shirts. Hem and sleeve lengths, like shirts, can vary, and fabrics are commonly woven.

Blouses rarely have collars and do not have functional buttons from top to bottom. A blouse is often a pullover style, which means it must be pulled over your head to be worn.

Difference Between a Blouse and a Top?

Difference Between a Blouse and a Top

A blouse is something more formal than a regular top. It is still classified as a top. A top is a more general phrase for any clothing covering a woman’s upper half.


Did you know that there are more than 31 different styles for blouses? We didn’t think so until we started researching about this topic. We hope that you learn a lot about what is a blouse, its history, and its uses.