What is Crystal Boba? All Questions Answered

Crystal boba is a transparent chewy pearl that can be eaten straight from the bag; which is most known for its use in preparing bubble tea (Boba tea). Crystal boba is made from the Konjac plant, sugar, cold water, and oil.

Crystal boba can be used for a variety of things. Numerous crystal boba recipes can be used to make different drinks and teas. 

Crystal Boba

Crystal boba can be found in drinks such as green/black tea, cold coffees, and many more.

The term “crystal” refers to clear and white boba pearls with an ethereal appearance.

They can change color depending on the artificial coloring you add to them, which opens up a world of possibilities for experimenting with different tea kinds or fruit juices.

Boba tea was first created and became popular in Taiwan, and it has since been reinvented in many new variants.

What is Crystal Boba Made of

What is Crystal Boba Made of?

The main ingredients of Crystal boba are listed below; depending on the dish or drink, other flavors or colorings may be added.

• Extract from Konjac 

• Sugar


• Oil

• Artificial coloring

• Artificial Flavorings (Optional)

• Gelatin powder (optional)

What’s the Difference Between Regular Boba and Crystal Boba?

Regular boba tea is made with tapioca starch-made boba pearls.

Crystal boba is made out from the Konjac plant, which gives the pearls a translucent tint and a soft, chewy texture.

Regular boba has a bland flavor. Because it’s made with brown sugar or caramel syrup, it’s slightly sweet.

What's the Difference Between Regular Boba and Crystal Boba

Because of the Konjac plant, crystal boba has a sweet, citrus flavor. When added to bubble tea or stored, this variety of boba retains its flavor.

Regular boba tea is made using tapioca starch and is prepared slightly differently. Unlike Crystal boba, which is largely gelled with the Konjac plant, traditional boba is first kneaded into a dough.

What is the Calorie Content in Crystal Boba?

A 190ml cup of Crystal boba contains approximately 70-90 calories.

What is the Calorie Content in Crystal Boba

Is Crystal Boba Healthier Than Regular Boba?

Boba of any kind is unhealthy. However, Crystal boba is thought to be healthier than other boba pearls. A 100-gram serving of crystal boba contains 70-90 calories.

Regular boba is fat-free; however, it contains 200-400 calories and 80-90 grams of carbs.

Is Crystal Boba Healthier Than Regular Boba

Is Crystal Boba Vegan?

Yes, standard crystal boba made from konjac flower is vegan. Certain producers, however, employ gelatin and bee honey as sweeteners. If you are a vegan, always examine the ingredients before purchasing crystal boba.